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School’s In – And So Are Drugs and Alcohol

Summer vacation can be a relief to parents who are worried about their kids being offered drugs and alcohol at school. But school will soon be back in – what can you do to keep your kids from heading toward addiction?

A lot of things help kids not give in to offers to get high or stoned:

  • Has high self–esteem and confidence.
  • Thinks and evaluates for themselves. Doesn’t tend to follow the crowd.
  • Enjoys a good home life filled with mutual love and respect and involved, interested parents.
  • Having meaningful goals they care about, know how to achieve, and are working toward.
  • Has knowledge of and interest in what constitutes good physical, mental and emotional health, and a healthy respect for each.

But even with all that going for them, there’s one more thing that has been proven to be very successful – education. Understanding drugs, what they do, how they do it, what the consequences are of taking them. And the same goes for alcohol.

They also have to understand that whatever problem they’re trying to solve by drinking or taking drugs – even if all they know is that they’re bored, want things to be more fun, want to fit in (which is very difficult to do when your friends are drinking and you’re not) – drugs and alcohol are not solutions. Even though they may temporarily relieve whatever the person is feeling, they will eventually lead to big problems.

And let them know what those problems are.

And if you don’t know the answers to the questions above – and a lot more – you need to find out. That’s the only way you can protect your kids.

Studies have shown that kids whose parents educate them about drugs are 50 percent less likely to take them. But education, done right, in schools can get similar results.

If your son’s or daughter’s school does not have an alcohol or drug education program, see what you can do to get one rolling. Enlist the help of local police, drug education programs, parents, and so on.

If your kids are already drinking or taking drugs – whether they’re in high school, university, or even younger – get them some addiction help right now. And then work with the drug rehab program you choose to help create an environment that will help your kids not fall into the trap.



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