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Ignoring Kids' Problems Could Lead to Drugs

I wrote a blog last year about a young man who was addicted to heroin at age 15. He started with marijuana.

Unfortunately, marijuana has gotten a reputation for being a ‘safe’ drug – especially now when it is legal for medical use in many States – so when kids use it, they don’t expect to turn into addicts. They think marijuana is not addictive. That they can stop whenever they like.

Theoretically, they’re right. Most marijuana is not particularly addictive physically. But that doesn’t mean the person isn’t going to get addicted. The roots of true addiction – not physical dependence – are emotional.

And if someone has an urge to take drugs, there’s a good chance they have things going on with them – emotionally – that will make them want to continue once they start. And there’s a very good chance they’ll move onto other drugs.

Kids are going through emotional things that their parents don’t know about it. Or they know about them, but don’t think they’re important.

  • They aren’t getting along at school
  • lose a girlfriend or boyfriend, or can’t get a girlfriend or boyfriend
  • don’t do well with studies
  • don’t do well with sports, are doing very well in sports and don’t know how to deal with the attention it gets them
  • don’t get along with a teacher
  • have disagreements with the rules at home but can’t get them changed
  • have problems with a sibling or their parents
  • feel self-conscious about their looks
  • aren’t popular

There are so many things kids worry about. And their parents often blow them off – they ad similar experiences when they were younger and they got through them. They assume their kids will do the same. And most of them will.

But, when you were young, were you surrounded by people taking drugs? Were you being offered drugs every day while in school or with friends? Were you watching ad after ad on TV about how much better people feel when they take drugs? Were you watching your parents taking sedatives, sleeping pills, antidepressants, and so on? Were you having an example set for you that drugs are the answer to life’s problems?

Probably not. And that’s probably why you got through life’s problems without drugs and why your kids may not.

So … don’t assume that your kids aren’t going to take drugs. You’re better off to assume they will, and do what you can to prevent it.

If it’s too late, if your kids are already taking drugs –and you’d better find out if you don’t know the answer to that question – then get them help. At Addiction Help Services, we’ve helped thousands of people on drugs.

Give us a call – we can give you the guidance you need.

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