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How Many Grandparents Are Raising Kids of Addicts?

If it weren’t for grandparents there would be another 20 million kids looking like the one in this picture.

Did you know that 80 percent of people raising their grandchildren are doing so because the grandchildren’s parents are on drugs or alcohol?

Did you know that even as far back as 2007 – and the situation has gotten worse since then – one in twelve children lived with their grandparents or other relatives?

In fact, the situation is even worse: according to a U.S. population survey, nearly 80% of children living in the homes of and being cared for by grandparents (primarily) and other relatives are not registered as such – so the government doesn’t even know about them, which nearly doubles that one in twelve children being taken care of by grandparents or other family members number. It’s more like one in seven.

It’s probably harder on grandparents than on other family members if only because of their age. They expected to be retiring around the same time they become ‘parents’ again – in their 50’s and ‘60s. Sometimes older.

They’re not only not as energetic as they once were, some grandparents also don’t have much money. They’re living off their social security check. And they might still have to work to make ends meet. When a child comes along, they sometimes have to quit work or pay outrageous child care fees, on top of all the other expenses involved in having a child – which puts them in an even more difficult position.

Grandparents who are in good shape are better equipped to handle it physically, but not all are in good shape. People in their ‘60s are often already on blood pressure pills, cholesterol pills, and who knows what else.

Having money makes it easier, of course. But even when you have your health and money, being a parent again is still not what you expected to be doing at this time of life.

Add to all of this the stress that parents of addicts suffer even without taking care of their children, and you’ve got a losing combination.

The only good news is the kids, of course. If they have a good family, they’re usually pretty good kids. And kids can kind of keep you young.

But having a drug addict son or daughter who is a great source of stress for their parents and who deprive their own kids of having a mother and father shouldn’t be part of the picture.

Do you have a son or daughter on drugs? If you haven’t gotten them to stop yet, realize that becoming a mother or father of a new baby when you’re 50 or 60 could be in the cards.

It’s not the only reason to get your kid off drugs, but it’s a very good one to add to a long list.

We can help you find the addiction treatment facility that will get them clean, and able to parent their own kids.




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