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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Help for Jockey, Patrick Valenzuela – Will He Finally Get the Help He Needs Now That California Has Revoked His License?

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol, California, Drug Rehab, Treatment

Jockey Patrick Valenzuela has had a conditional license for the past several years due to substance abuse problems. On Friday he had his conditional license revoked by the California Horse Racing Board after being stopped and arrested for a DUI in Upland, California. It’s time for him to get the addiction help he needs. During more…

Addiction Help in Pennsylvania – Toads Back in the News

Posted under Addiction Help, Colorado, Hallucinogen, Pennsylvania, Xanax

Pennsylvania has a small population of drug users that can use addiction help. We are not talking about prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Xanax or Vicodin. We’re not even talking about the common illegal drugs. We’re talking about toad licking. And anyone who would go to those extremes to get high needs addiction help. That’s more…

Addiction Help Could Save Thousands of Lives in Florida

Posted under Addiction Help, Benzodiazepines, Drug Addiction, Florida, Hydrocodone, Morphine, Oxycodone, Painkillers, Prescription Drugs, Tranquilizers, Valium

Here’s the latest stats from Florida – in the first six months of the year 470 people were killed by cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines, and 1,324 were killed by prescriptions painkillers and tranquilizers. This is one state that is in serious need of addiction help services. Which prescription drugs are killing all these people? Methadone, more…

Drug Rehab Kids Get Beaten By Kids in Prison Facility

Posted under Drug Rehab, Wyoming

The Wardle Academy, a center in Cheyenne, Wyoming that provides both prison facilities and substance abuse treatment for young people, has recently had a rash of incidents where the kids in jail have beat up the kids in drug treatment. As a result, the state has removed about 2 dozen kids to other drug treatment more…

Drug Rehab Threatened by FDA Attempt to Regulate Supplements

Posted under Alcohol, Drug Rehab

Some drug rehab centers are concerned about a guidance document that is currently on the Food and Drug Administration’s Docket (FDA No. 2006D-0480) that reveals plans to reclassify all vegetable juices, herbs and vitamins as FDA regulated drugs. Even things like massage oils and massage rocks will be classified as “medical devices”. According to the more…