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What Can You Do To Prevent Alcoholism in Your Family?

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Despite the problem of epidemic prescription drug addiction and the usual problems with street drugs, a drug detox facility told me last week that more than half of their clients are there for problems with alcohol. Why does alcohol continue to be such a problem, despite all the obvious destruction it causes? And what can you do to prevent alcoholism in your family? more…

Why You Shouldn’t Send Your Kids to a Party School

Posted under Alcohol, Young People

Party schools aren’t the only schools where kids drink, but they generally drink considerably more in those colleges more than others.  I don’t know what your concept is of kids drinking a lot in school – maybe just a bunch of embarrassing drunks. But here are some statistics from the National Institutes of Health that you should be aware of if you want your kids to be safe. more…

School’s In – And So Are Drugs and Alcohol

Posted under Young People

Summer vacation can be a relief to parents who are worried about their kids being offered drugs and alcohol at school. But school will soon be back in – what can you do to keep your kids from heading toward addiction? more…

Help Keep Your Kids off Drugs and Alcohol

Posted under Codeine, GHB, Marijuana, Young People

Recently, a group of New York high school students participated in a panel called Parent University. The primary purpose is to educate parents on teen use of drugs and alcohol so they can help their kids. The panel consists of two freshmen girls, two senior girls, and two senior guys as well as others from the community. more…

How to Keep Your Kids Away from Drugs and Alcohol at University

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Young People

Going to university isn’t what it used to be. Now, instead of worrying about grades and being excited for their kids’ future, parents have to worry about alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses. How can you help your kids stay on the straight and narrow so they can attend graduation instead of being in a treatment more…

Should Your Child Get Addiction Help Before College or University?

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol

For some parents, getting addiction help for their kids before they go off to college may seem like a ridiculous suggestion – especially since going to college should be an opportunity for kids to become responsible adults. But studies show that whatever alcohol or drug problems you child has now will get even worse in more…

School Program Reduces Alcohol Abuse by 50 Percent

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol

Statistics show that kids whose parents really educate them on the dangers of alcohol are 50 percent less likely to drink. A new program in two Seattle high schools is showing that education in schools can have the same effect – their alcohol education program reduced the number of kids who drink by 50 percent. more…