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Less that 90 Days in Drug Rehab Has Limited Effectivness

Posted under Drug Rehab, Opiates says drug rehab that lasts less than 90 days is of “limited effectiveness” and “treatment lasting significantly longer is recommended for maintaining positive outcomes.” Nevertheless, the current trend is toward treatment that lasts less than 90 days—even when it’s sponsored by the same government that made that statement. Should you bother getting someone you care about into a drug rehab program that is anything less? more…

Addiction Help for 30 Days Is Simply Not Enough Time

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab

A treatment program called Gateway, with several facilities in Illinois, is having its funding cut by $11 million. To try to stay open without that money, they’re reducing their 90 – 120 day treatment plan to 30 days. In fact, they’re even kicking out their current clients if they arrived before January 1st – right more…