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Less that 90 Days in Drug Rehab Has Limited Effectivness

Posted under Drug Rehab, Opiates says drug rehab that lasts less than 90 days is of “limited effectiveness” and “treatment lasting significantly longer is recommended for maintaining positive outcomes.” Nevertheless, the current trend is toward treatment that lasts less than 90 days—even when it’s sponsored by the same government that made that statement. Should you bother getting someone you care about into a drug rehab program that is anything less? more…

Problems Reintegrating into Society Can Cause Relapse

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A recent news story out of China—where one in one hundred people are drug users—isolated an inability to reintegrate into society as the reason for the country’s lack of success with drug rehab. Former addicts leave their rehab program and, although it may have been potentially successful, not being able to get and keep a job sends them right back to their old ways. more…

Drug News: August 2, 2013

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PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – USA Rehab centers seeing more pill addicts – Shelby News The mother of three had been crushing and snorting oxycodone during the final months of her four-year addiction to the painkiller opiate. Then she tried to quit. “The physical pain was unbearable,” she said. “It was total desperation.” “I came home one more…