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Drug News: August 12, 2012

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DRUG ADDICTION – UK Blake Fielder-Civil comatose after drug and booze binge – Examiner Blake Fielder-Civil has been reported to lay comatose in a Yorkshire, England hospital after he was found choking on his own vomit on Thursday August 9 after a suspected alcohol and drug overdose. METHAMPHETAMINE – USA Small-time methamphetamine users finally offered more…

Drug News: September 4, 2011

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PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – USA Authorities raid suspected ‘prescription mills’ – Los Angeles Times Federal and local law enforcement officials close four medical clinics in the San Fernando Valley suspected of catering to addicts seeking heroin-like painkillers and other drugs. ALCOHOL – USA Online Course Helps Reduce Harmful College Drinking – Kansas City infoZine Researchers found more…

Drug News: July 24, 2011

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DRUG ADDICTION – UK The Life of Amy Winehouse: A Timeline (Sept. 14, 1983-July 23, 2011) – E! Online June 17, 2009: Winehouse’s parents, Janis and Mitch, make a public plea to try to get their daughter the help she needs, saying that she was still drinking while in a drug treatment program. HEROIN – more…

Drug News: July 3, 2011

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DRUG REHAB – CHINA Teenage drug abusers fight addiction, seek rehab – China Daily Eji Lhaze was 14 when he first took “ice”, thinking it was no different from cigarettes. “I was curious how it tasted, because my pals seemed to enjoy every bit of it and sleep like babies after a dose,” he said. more…

Drug News: June 19, 2011

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HEROIN – UK Pete Doherty: who will stop the Pied Piper of heroin? – Three children, three bright futures, three pairs of grief-stricken parents. And one man linking them all: Pete Doherty, the singer – the not-so-angelic singer. Thirty-two years old, 15 court appearances in eight years, 25 drugs convictions, plus three more for more…

Drug News: May 21, 2011

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DRUG ADDICTION – USA Parents have role in kids’ drug decisions – Knoxville News Sentinel The point of this column is to make clear that we, as parents, have something to say, and something to do, about whether our children are ensnared by drug abuse and addiction. By being proactive and taking simple, commonsense measures, more…