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Drinking Could Cause Your Baby To Die Before One Year Old

Posted under Alcohol, Young People

A recent study showed that if you drink during pregnancy, or in the year after giving birth, your baby is more likely to die from SIDS or some other cause in their first year. more…

Nutrient Deficiency Prevents Recovery from Alcohol

Posted under Alcohol

I recently met someone who drank alcohol instead of eating. This is not unusual. But why do they do it?

Here are the very simple alcohol / food basics: more…

Alcohol Facts to Tell Your Kids

Posted under Alcohol, Young People

Kids who start drinking in their teens are more likely to turn into alcoholics than those who start drinking later in life. No parent wants their kid to be an alcoholic. And no parent knows whether or not their kid, once they’ve started drinking, will become one. So, what can you do? more…

Give Your Kids a Long Healthy Life. Help Them Stop Drinking.

Posted under Alcohol, Young People

One of the worst things about alcohol abuse is the health problems it can lead to. In fact, if anyone you care about is a drinker, now is the time to get alcohol addiction help. Don’t wait until it causes other problems. If you don’t get them to get help, here are the possibilities: Anemia more…

An Alcohol-Damaged Teen Might Never ‘Grow Up’

Posted under Alcohol

Your teen might act like he’s drunk even when he becomes a sober adult. Why? Because alcohol damages the brain. I don’t think kids who drink ever really look at the fact that it damages their brain. Maybe they’ve been told that, but don’t have a clue what it means. Maybe they don’t really realize more…