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Drug News: July 30, 2015

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METHAMPHETAMINE – USA More Texans Seeking Treatment for Meth Abuse – Texas Tribune A growing number of Texans are seeking treatment for methamphetamine addiction, reversing a downward trend in abuse in the state since a 2006 federal law banned over-the-counter sales of medicine containing the synthetic drug pseudoephedrine. DRUG ADDICTION – USA OUR OPINION: Maine more…

Why is Ecstasy Deadly?

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Ecstasy and other club drugs – so many people are taking them, and think they are just ‘fun.’ But, in fact, they are among the most dangerous drugs around. Anyone who is taking them needs to know the truth about these drugs and, if they don’t stop taking them when they find out the truth, they should really get addiction help as soon as possible. more…

Drug News: February 4, 2015

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DRUG REHAB – USA Sister begins fund for drug rehab facility after brother’s death – Medina Gazette Kierstin Jenkins is determined not to let her brother’s death become another statistic. Alex Jenkins, 26, of Akron, died of a drug overdose on Monday. “I would like people to know that addiction affects everyone,” she said. “He more…

You CAN Help Your Kids Stop Taking Drugs

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This morning I was reading a forum for mothers whose children are addicts. It was heartbreaking. They have had so much loss, so much devastation, the families are at a breaking point. But, if you act, things can turn out okay. more…

You Can Stop the Epidemic of Babies Born Addicted

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If there’s any better reason to get someone off drugs – other than the fact that they could die and it’s ruining their lives and that of their family – it’s the skyrocketing stats of babies born as addicts.

How many drugs does a pregnant woman have to take for a baby to be born addicted? more…

Drug News: October 2, 2014

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DRUG REHAB – USA Oklahoma State football: Justin Blackmon voluntarily checks into drug rehab program – NewsOK The winding saga of Justin Blackmon’s personal battle with addiction seems to have recently taken a turn for the better. Jacksonville Jaguars coach Gus Bradley told the Associated Press on Wednesday that the former All-American Oklahoma State wide more…

How To Educate Your Kids on Drugs and Keep Them Safe

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Studies have shown that kids whose parents talk to them about drugs are 50 percent less likely to take them. But for talking to work, you have to say the right things. What do they need to know? Whether they’re pre-teens, teens, or young adults, they all need the same information.

Unfortunately, simply telling your kids that drugs are bad for you isn’t going to work. Telling them that taking drugs is morally wrong, sinful, can get them into trouble, wind them up in jail, and so on and so on – all the hundreds of general things parents could say to their kids – also don’t work.

Why? more…

Crystal Meth: Not for Weight Loss!

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We just read a story in the news that reported a REALLY strange and depressing statistic. Something like 30 percent of female meth addicts are risking their lives, physically and even legally, by abusing one of the worst illegal drugs ever invented to achieve something called “body image”.

The study that revealed that information, from the Burnet Institute of Medical Research in Australia, found that weight loss is a key factor in abusing meth. Meanwhile, a Canadian addiction specialist has found the same situation in Western Canada. He says 30 percent of the female meth abusers he sees in Vancouver are using it to control their weight. more…

Drug News: March 6, 2014

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ALCOHOL – USA Our View: Trading jail for alcohol treatment could work – Jackson Sun It’s time for Tennessee to try something new when it comes to dealing with drunken drivers, especially those who are multiple offenders. Members of the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference say they want to attack the problem of drunken driving more…

Heroin Overdoses Lives Can be Saved

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When someone overdoses on heroin or similar drugs (called opioids) and doesn’t receive immediate treatment, they can stop breathing and die rather quickly. But a new drug could save the life of someone you care about.

We frequently hear about these overdose tragedies on the news – actors, musicians, all sorts of celebrities, not to mention college and high school kids, housewives, professionals, and so on – no one is immune.

Unfortunately, most of the time an opioid overdose means there’s very little anyone can do to save that victim’s life. Rescue people might be it, but there is virtually no chance they’ll be able to do anything about it. That is, unless more…

Drug News: February 13, 2014

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ALCOHOL / MARIJUANA / PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – USA Selena Gomez left rehab 4 weeks early: Drug and alcohol treatment cut short – Selena Gomez left rehab four weeks early, against the advice of medical … with alcohol, marijuana and the prescription sleep drug Ambien.While her reps denied Gomez was addicted to drugs or alcohol, more…

Drug News: February 6, 2014

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METHAMPHETAMINE – USA North Korea’s meth addiction could spell disaster for US – Central Florida Future North Korea is experiencing a methamphetamine, or crystal meth, epidemic so large that the Los Angeles Times reports meth “is offered as casually as a cup of tea.” The fact that meth can be made conveniently in bathtubs, trailers more…

Drug News: January 30, 2014

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DRUG REHAB – USA Darryl Strawberry chases new calling by opening latest drug rehab – Fox News Strawberry and his wife Tracy — both ordained ministers — were in central Florida Friday for the opening of their second drug rehabilitation and treatment center. The Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center will be focused on helping former athletes more…

Drug News: January 8, 2014

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DRUG REHAB – USA Radel Returning to Congress After Drug Rehab – The Ledger A Florida congressman who pleaded guilty to cocaine-possession charges last year is returning to Congress after taking a leave of absence and undergoing treatment in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. ALCOHOL – CANADA Alcohol & Drug Rehab Edmonton Launches Program more…

Drug News: December 4, 2013

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PRESCRIPTION DRUGS / HEROIN – USA Prescription Drug Abuse Spikes Heroin Use – Payson Roundup “The gateway to heroin use is through prescription pain pills containing oxycodone and hydrocodone,” said Dr. David Greenberg, a Scottsdale-based expert in addiction medicine. “Over 95 percent of heroin addicts that I see got their start using prescription opioids.” PRESCRIPTION more…

Drug News: November 27, 2013

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ALCOHOL / DRUG ADDICTION – AUSTRALIA Chloe Lattanzi, Olivia Newton John’s Daughter, Talks Drug Abuse And Eating Disorder – Huffington Post By her 20s, she was spending over $100 on cocaine and drinking half a bottle of vodka every day. After having a meltdown in September 2012, while mixing alcohol with prescription medications, Lattanzi entered more…

Drug News: August 23, 2013

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PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – EU Hitler the drug addict: How he used a cocktail of drugs including cocaine to make him a ‘Nazi superman’ – Daily Mail Adolf Hitler was a drug-abusing hypochondriac with deformed genitals who regularly consumed a cocktail of amphetamines, bull semen, rat poison and morphine when he sent millions of innocent people more…

How Bad Can Methamphetamine Addiction Get?

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There was a recent news story about someone who called the police because he heard voices in his house. He was alone and assumed there was some sort of home invasion. When the police got there, they found no one – other than the guy who called – and no signed of anyone having been there. However, they did find plenty of substances and paraphernalia related to making meth and so concluded that the guy was hallucinating. So, instead of getting help for the voices he was hearing, the man was charged with various crimes related to meth and sent to prison. more…

Getting Addiction Help May Be Easier Than You Think

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Looking for help with someone who has a problem with drugs or alcohol can be pretty overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of drug rehab facilities, and nearly as many different methods of rehab, that it’s almost impossible for someone who is not an expert to figure out what to do. The easy solution is calling more…

Drug News: August 12, 2012

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DRUG ADDICTION – UK Blake Fielder-Civil comatose after drug and booze binge – Examiner Blake Fielder-Civil has been reported to lay comatose in a Yorkshire, England hospital after he was found choking on his own vomit on Thursday August 9 after a suspected alcohol and drug overdose. METHAMPHETAMINE – USA Small-time methamphetamine users finally offered more…

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