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Shake and Bake – Another Reason to Get Addiction Help

Posted under Addiction Help, Methamphetamine

Drug dealers and methamphetamine users have now found a new way to make meth – one that evades detection by authorities and reduces the cost of meth, making it even more available. Another good reason to get anyone who is already using meth, or is using drugs at all (which makes them more prone to more…

Get Meth Users into a Meth Rehab Center ASAP

Posted under Crystal Meth, Methamphetamine

I read an article this morning about meth lab busts in ‘Miami County.’ When I first saw the headline I read ‘Miami,’ but didn’t really notice the ‘County.’ I then discovered they were talking about Miami County, Indiana! Big surprise. An even bigger surprise was the number of meth lab busts in Indiana – 1,059 in 2008.  more…