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meow meow

Addiction Help for Meow, Meow? Yes, It Is Addictive.

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab

Until now, the new designer drug, Meow Meow (mephedrone) was not considered addictive. It was just one of the many club drugs that people take when they’re out ‘having fun’. But according to a new study, that’s definitely not the case. In fact, more than one third of the people who use Meow Meow should more…

New Drug – Meow Meow – Like Ecstasy, But Also Addictive

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab, Ecstasy

Meow meow – the chemical name is mephedrone – is one of the new so-called designer drugs. It’s very popular in Australia (where it originated), New Zealand, the UK and Europe. I’m surprised no one is making it in the U.S. It’s bound to happen soon. And plenty of people are going to need addiction more…

New Drugs Can Cause Drug Addiction, Overdose, Illness and Poisoning

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab

A recent news article in the UK discussed some new street drugs that are causing serious illness in teenagers. The drugs are called “Diablo” and “Eric 3”. Never heard of them? That’s because they’re pretty new, and not even illegal yet. Seems ridiculous that your kid could end up in the hospital or needing addiction more…