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Drug News: May 28, 2015

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MEDICAL MARIJUANA – USA House slams brakes on medical marijuana – Standard Speaker The speaker’s power to assign a bill to a committee usually doesn’t get much attention until it happens to a bill like this. “We’ve got to be real careful we don’t have unintended consequences that are harmful,” Baker said. “I’m open to more…

Jail Isn’t the Answer, But Does That Make Being Stoned Okay?

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Colorado’s first annual report on marijuana shows the state sold 4.8 million edible marijuana products—some for medical use, and some for recreation. Nearly enough for one for every person in the state. Oh, wait, more than 2.25 million of Colorado’s 5+ million people are under 21 and can’t legally buy the stuff. So, that means there were enough edible marijuana products for everyone to have two!

And when you consider that only 67 of Colorado’s 321 jurisdictions opted in to allowing retail or medical sales of marijuana, that decreases the number even further. So … let’s just say that quite a few people in Colorado got stoned last year. more…

Drug News: October 8, 2014

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DRUG REHAB – USA Can we talk drug treatment? ‘Obamacare’ Ky.’s best shot at beating scourge – For the first time, nonprofits and other providers will be able to afford to build treatment facilities, both residential and outpatient, knowing they will be reimbursed for the services. If the law is allowed to work as more…

Drug News: April 9, 2014

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HEROIN – USA Heroin addicts face barriers to treatment – As the ranks of heroin users rise, increasing numbers of addicts are looking for help but are failing to find it — because there are no beds in packed facilities, treatment is hugely expensive and insurance companies won’t pay for inpatient rehab. PRESCRIPTION DRUGS more…

Drug News: July 25, 2013

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ALCOHOL – USA Wife of alcoholic could use some support – Kansas It happened again today! I was buying several bottles of wine and a six-pack of beer along with my other groceries. While I was standing in the checkout line, someone behind me said the predictable, “I wish I was going home with more…

Drug News: May 23, 2013

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MARIJUANA – USA Illinois Senate approves medical marijuana bill – “For every touching story that we have heard about the benefits of those in pain, I remind you today that there are a thousand times more parents who will never be relieved from the pain of losing a child due to addiction.” PRESCRIPTION DRUGS more…

Drug News: January 2, 2013

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ALCOHOL – USA Marine Corps attacks alcohol abuse – Union-Tribune San Diego The Marines have redefined any drinking on the job as alcohol abuse – even having a beer with lunch. Same goes with hard partying the night before reporting for duty. The implication is zero tolerance of alcohol abuse, just like the military’s long-standing more…

Drug News: October 2, 2011

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PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – USA Prescription pills fuel crime, treatment in Maine – Portland Daily Sun A recent string of pharmacy robberies in the Portland area has seized the attention of local law enforcement. City investigators are still working to identify the people or single individual responsible for demanding an undisclosed amount and type of pharmaceutical more…

Drug News: July 10, 2011

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DRUG ADDICTION – USA Opana spikes overdose deaths – Bluefield Daily Telegraph During the press conference, Bluefield, Va., Police Chief Harry Cundiff said that the drug trade often to leads to crimes such as breaking and entry, metal thefts and passing bad checks. “If you take away drug addiction, it would put us out of more…

Drug News: January 14, 2011

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DRUG DECRIMINALIZATION – PORTUGAL Drug experiment – Boston Globe ‎ Street teams of Portugal’s Institute for Drugs and Drug Addiction exchange used needles for new ones and try to direct drug addicts to treatment centers. … MARIJUANA – USA Medical pot laws result in increased teen drug use – White Mountain Independent Experts in Colorado more…

Drug News: December 31, 2010

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METHAMPHETAMINE – USA Good for something: TSA scanner finds passenger’s meth – McClatchy Washington Bureau Rhonda Renee Simmons is scheduled to appear in court Jan. 12 on a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance after police say she got caught with about a gram of methamphetamine in her pocket Tuesday night at the more…

Drug News: December 13, 2010

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PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – USA Abuse of prescription drugs is on the rise across Texas – Houston Chronicle Texans seeking treatment for addiction to pain medications rose from 890 in 2000 to 5844 in 2008. DRUG TREATMENT – USA Report says cuts putting ‘justice In jeopardy’ – Hawaii News Now ‎ In some cases, the cuts more…