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Lindsay Lohan

Drug News: October 9, 2013

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PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – USA Prescription drug abuse now more deadly than heroin, cocaine combined – Christian Science Monitor More people are dying in the United States from prescription drugs than from heroin and cocaine combined, a new study says, signaling that pill abuse is not just the leading cause of drug overdose deaths, but that more…

Drug News: May 1, 2013

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PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – USA Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Jumps 33% – The prescription drug abuse epidemic in the United States has begun to affect our children as a new national survey shows a 33% increase in prescription drug use by teens since 2008. DRUG REHAB – USA Lindsay Lohan Hits NYC Bar Scene… 4 more…

Drug News: January 23, 2013

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DRUG REHAB – USA Ryan Leaf prison sentence continued after drug rehab eviction – Ryan Leaf is headed back to prison after getting kicked out of a drug rehab center. Leaf has been in and out of jail, with his biggest crime coming when he began to break into people’s homes to steal their more…

Drug News: July 11, 2008

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PAINKILLER – USA Painkillers Leading to Heroin Overdoses – Newsradio 620 More people in the area have addictions to prescription painkillers, and it’s leading to more people dying from a stronger drug – heroin. HEROIN – USA Painkillers may be fueling heroin boom, officials say – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel The spike in people addicted to more…