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Killer Krokodil Hits the U.S.

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“ …painkillers, iodine, lighter fluid, industrial cleaning oil, and an array of vials, syringes, and cooking implements. Half an hour later, after much boiling, distilling, mixing and shaking, what remains is a caramel-coloured gunge held in the end of a syringe, and the acrid smell of burnt iodine in the air. Sasha fixes a dirty needle to the syringe and looks for a vein in his bruised forearm.”

This deadly drug, used by heroin addicts in Russia for the last few years, is now rearing its ugly head in America. more…

Crocodile – Deadly New Designer Drug. Run, Don’t Walk, To Get Addiction Help

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New designer drugs are scary – and there aren’t too many more frightening than Crocodile, a designer drug taking Russia by storm. If Crocodile doesn’t kill you, you may be seriously impaired for the rest of your life. Will Crocodile make it to the U.S. and other countries? If it does, or if you or more…