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educating kids about drugs

What Do You Think of That?

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Parents can have a huge influence on whether or not their kids take drugs. But how you talk to them about drugs makes all the difference. This way works better than others. more…

Mom Whose Son Overdosed Finds that Other Parents Were Getting High with the Kids

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Can we depend on other parents to keep our kids safe? As parents, we depend on other parents to help keep our kids safe. But a recent story from a mom who lost her son to a fatal overdose proved that we have to keep an eye on other parents as well. Her son had more…

Prevent the Need for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help by Educating Your Kids Very Early

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol, Drug Addiction, Prescription Drugs, Washington, Young People

Kids who drink a little or take drugs are much more likely to use them as much or even more when they go to university or college. Alcohol, and some drugs, are so acceptable in colleges that they are encouraged by the culture to step things up. As they do so, they’re even more likely more…

Drug Testing Could Ensure Kids Get Addiction Help Before They Get into Serious Trouble

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab, Ohio, Young People

Worried that your son or daughter is taking drugs and you don’t know about it? You should be. On the average, kids use drugs for two years before their parents find out. Some parents and schools depend on random, and mandatory, drug testing to detect drug use early so they can get addiction help before more…

New Drugs Can Cause Drug Addiction, Overdose, Illness and Poisoning

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A recent news article in the UK discussed some new street drugs that are causing serious illness in teenagers. The drugs are called “Diablo” and “Eric 3”. Never heard of them? That’s because they’re pretty new, and not even illegal yet. Seems ridiculous that your kid could end up in the hospital or needing addiction more…