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Drugs Can Ruin Someone’s Life – Even with Addiction Help

Posted under Addiction Help, GHB

One of the major things parents should worry about – next to their kids overdosing from drugs – is the possibility of prison. Being in prison, especially if you don’t get addiction help, sets you so far back in life you may never recover.

Doesn’t going to prison at least teach someone a lesson?

According to the number of people who wind up involved in a life of crime AFTER prison and go back there, no – there aren’t many lessons taught. Other than the tools of the criminal trade.

So, what does happen to prisoners? more…

Another Drug Court Losing Funding. What About Addiction Help?

Posted under Addiction Help

I’m constantly scanning the news looking for information on the drug scene. A few times a week I see news items about funding being cut for drug courts and other programs aimed at rehabilitation. These programs not only get people the addiction help they need, they also cut down on crime considerably since a lot of more…