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children of alcoholics

Help the Kids of Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

Posted under Maryland, Young People

A young girl who writes for her high school paper in Baltimore recently wrote an opinion piece that was published in the Baltimore Sun. She talked about the drug problem in Baltimore and how communities need to get together to help addicts.

“This problem should matter because these things affect other people,” she said. “If people have better parents, they can achieve more success in life. If we take care of this problem, children will do better in school.”

And she should know – her mother is an addict. more…

How Many Grandparents Are Raising Kids of Addicts?

Posted under Young People

If it weren’t for grandparents there would be another 20 million kids looking like the one in this picture. more…

The Tragedy of Children of Alcoholics

Posted under Alcohol, Young People

One of the tragedies of alcoholism and alcohol abuse is the effect on the children of drinkers. A recent study in England concluded that more than one in five children is living with an alcoholic. And about 100,000 infants under one year old. more…