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Prozac Popping Pilots Could Be Flying Your Plane!

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Addiction, Prescription Drugs

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has decided to lift a longstanding ban which will allow commercial pilots to fly while taking antidepressants. When I read this in the news, I shuttered at the thought of being completely at the mercy of a pilot, flying me around while on drugs! Apparently, there will be some restrictions more…

Obama's Health Care Plan Should Address Prescription Drug Abuse

Posted under Drug Addiction, Painkillers, Prescription Drugs

The only funeral director in Pineville, West Virgina, recently commented on the number of deaths caused by prescription drug overdoses – painkillers like OxyContin being the major problem. “If these people had died of the swine flu, we’d probably be making national headlines,” he said. Well, it does make national headlines – every day you can more…

Will Erin Brokovich Take On Big Pharma?

Posted under Addiction Help

A recent news story about Erin Brokovich’s daughter tells us that while Erin was out defending Californian’s rights to safe water, her daughter was getting into a little hot water herself. She started taking drugs. Mom didn’t know about it for quite a while but, when she found out, made sure she got addiction help immediately.  more…