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Drinking Could Cause Your Baby To Die Before One Year Old

Posted under Alcohol, Young People

A recent study showed that if you drink during pregnancy, or in the year after giving birth, your baby is more likely to die from SIDS or some other cause in their first year. more…

Why You Shouldn’t Send Your Kids to a Party School

Posted under Alcohol, Young People

Party schools aren’t the only schools where kids drink, but they generally drink considerably more in those colleges more than others.  I don’t know what your concept is of kids drinking a lot in school – maybe just a bunch of embarrassing drunks. But here are some statistics from the National Institutes of Health that you should be aware of if you want your kids to be safe. more…

What Parents Need To Tell Their Kids About Alcohol

Posted under Alcohol, Young People

Kids who do not drink these days are pretty rare. Many of them start when they’re barely in their teens, and some even earlier. How do you keep them from becoming alcoholics? Many people think of drinking alcohol as as natural as drinking water. In fact, when they get together with friends on a hot more…

Alcohol Rehab Could Prevent One in Five Deaths from Injury

Posted under Alcohol, Treatment

Why do parents worry when their kids are drinking? For the most part, it’s either because their kids change when they drink and become somewhat obnoxious, or because they’re afraid they’re going to drink and drive or get into a brawl. All very good reasons for finding out how to get them the addiction help more…

Avoid Alcohol Rehab – How to Talk to Your Kids about Alcohol so They Don’t Drink

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol, Intervention, Young People

Many parents face the dilemma of trying to bring up their kids so they don’t drink alcohol. Or, at least, don’t abuse it. If someone does have an alcohol problem, they can get alcohol addiction help through an alcohol rehab program. But prevention is far easier than the cure: Once a person gets to the more…

Is Alcohol Abuse a Lesser Problem for Kids Who Drink at Home?

Posted under Alcohol, Michigan, Young People

Many parents think that if they let their kids drink at home, instead of going to bars or parties where they’re unsupervised and going to have to drive home, they’re going to be safe. That is not the case. In fact, it could foster substance abuse. What are your options? Alcohol rehab should be at more…