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Success Texas: Born and Raised in Dallas Texas

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas to middle class hard working parents. My parents divorced when I was 6 and soon after my father was gone from my life. My mother ended up marrying her high school sweetheart who turned out to be the man that raised me both physically and mentally. My family moved to North Dallas where the schools, neighborhoods and life in general were much better.

I tried marijuana for the first time when I was 14. Alcohol was always available and even accepted at home. My parents knew I was going to drink and that I would have no problem purchasing alcohol. They made a deal with me that instead of going out and drinking and driving that I could stay at home with my friends and drink as long as they had all of the car keys and the other parents didn’t mind.

Other drugs would soon follow. At that point I didn’t feel like I was trying to escape from anything, I was just simply going with the flow. If the drug was out there, more than likely I did it: Marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, acid, chiva (black tar heroin), meth, mushrooms and the list goes on. Despite my habits, I was always a pretty good kid. I played soccer my whole life, went to school, loved my family and would do anything for a good friend.

After high school I dabbled in a couple of junior colleges but learned what a fraternity was and partied until my Dad offered me a job at his company. Considering he wasn’t going to pay for my so-called education anymore, I really had no choice in the matter. Several years went by along with several cars being totaled. After every accident my parents would say “Hopefully you have learned your lesson?” I would reply the same every time, “I definitely have.” I was just glad to be alive and thankful no one ever was hurt.

I soon married and moved out to the San Francisco area where I would live for the next five years. During this time I would have three beautiful children, take over a thirty-year old family business and multiply my income by 100 times. I felt like a man that had just won the lottery. From the outside looking in most people were envious of who I was and what I had. For me, however, I was slowly killing myself with an addiction and a bank roll to cover it.

My father died of a massive heart attack, which set me back quite a bit. I took up one of his favorite pastimes… Jack Daniels. I lied to everyone and told them what they wanted to hear even to the point of swearing on my kids lives to my wife that I wasn’t using. Then the day came. The day that everything was taken away, even faster than I had obtained them. My wife had her attorney file an injunction that she wanted a legal separation.

I could no longer enter my own house, could not work for my own company and could not be alone with my own children. I had lost it all and still didn’t think I had a problem.

I moved back to Texas and attempted to start a business with my mother. The partying got worse in an attempt to try and hide what was happening. My new drug buddies were hard to say no to and I just didn’t care what happened to me at this point. Then a turning point happened in my life.

My family put together an Intervention. I had all of my siblings and their spouses there. My mother and her new husband were right by my side and I knew everyone there except this one stranger. He was with a company called Addiction Help Services that specialized in helping families find successful programs, and helping them to intervene with the person who was addicted.

The guy working with my family was a trained counselor, but was also a former addict himself and understood what me and my family needed in order to handle my addiction once and for all.

Well, it worked and I found myself in a rehab that evening. I am living proof that the process works. I am so excited about life again!

If I can do it, anyone can do it.

One response to “Success Texas: Born and Raised in Dallas Texas”

  1. Donne Reese says:

    I need help for a daughter. She is riddled with pain from a partial knee replacement at 33. They needed to do a full, but she was too young. I believe this is where the addiction to pills started. She has done everything since. She has been arrested twice or 3 times and jailed once for 37 days. She has 3 children with one little girl 12 years old left at home. She has stolen drugs from every family member’s home she could, and stolen my debit card twice. This last incident was just discovered April 26, 2017 when I went to pay a bill, and discovered $1105 was missing in just 3 days. I have to go to bank today to view pictures where she was taking it from the ATM. I don’t know how she even got my PIN number. On top of it, I worked for that bank for 10 years. I am so humiliated and embarrassed. She is on disability and a waiver program for her health which she has many issues. She has POTS which causes her to pass out, arthritis where her knees and hips are painful, a torn rotator cuff from falling from the POTS, serious migraines where she has to get Botox treatments. She just had stem cell surgery for the torn rotator cuff, but fell again and re-injured it. She was pulled over for a dui, and after officer called me to come get my car, I found an empty hydrocodone bottle on the floor. Then she had a bad car accident, where she totaled my car, and her little girl was hurt. I could go on with tons more…..I don’t know where to start.

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