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Success Intervention

About 10 days ago, we spoke with Eric regarding the services of AHS, and the following morning, called to confirm that we wanted to proceed with an intervention for our son. He told me he had an interventionist named Matt and he would have him call us.

Within minutes, Matt called me and spoke briefly about our son, he was on a flight that afternoon, and in our living room by 5:00 p.m.

It is difficult for us to put to words and accurately describe our experience. Our first impression of Matt was that he was trust-worthy, level-headed, knowledgeable and compassionate. His demeanor and personal story was so similar to our son (prior to his addiction) that we just really felt that we were in good hands. He was patient with our questioning and reassuring.

The very next morning, he met us again with our “team”. He prepared the people who had not been present the night before, and we developed our game plan for the intervention. Then, we went together to our son’s home and arrived at the very moment he was leaving to go somewhere.

Because we had been well-coached, Matt helped us approach our son and we immediately began the intervention with him. Our son did not want anyone to go into his home, so we went to the small park area across from his house and sat at picnic tables. Then, we began speaking in the order we had pre-decided with Matt. Each time one of us was finished speaking, we would pose the question: “Will you go with Matt today?” Our son would respond, “I don’t make split decisions… I need an hour.”

After an hour (to an hour and a half) our son kept responding the same way, and Matt said to him, “So, are you saying that if we give you an hour, you will go with me today?”

Our son responded, “Yes.”

We were thankful that Matt knew how to move us to that closure. He spent the rest of the day with our son, and called us exactly as he promised he would at the times he told us he would call, even after a long long day, because he promised he would call us when our son arrived at the facility.

I know we were with Matt for a very short time, but like after many crisis situations, we truly felt a friendship and thankfulness for him. We cannot begin to express how impressed we were with his candidness, and also for his level of integrity. We deeply appreciated how he kept every promise to us, and shined a small ray of light in a situation that has been shrouded with grey clouds for over a year.

Our son is at drug rehab for his 10th day today. We know it’s only the beginning of the program, but each day is an offering of thankfulness.

We are thankful to Matt and AHS, and Eric who sent Matt our way.

Warm personal regards,
J.S & T.S.