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How Bad Can Methamphetamine Addiction Get?

There was a recent news story about someone who called the police because he heard voices in his house. He was alone and assumed there was some sort of home invasion. When the police got there, they found no one – other than the guy who called – and no signed of anyone having been there. However, they did find plenty of substances and paraphernalia related to making meth and so concluded that the guy was hallucinating. So, instead of getting help for the voices he was hearing, the man was charged with various crimes related to meth and sent to prison.

He may get drug rehab or some other form of addiction help once he goes to trial – which would be great. But his charges include making meth with the intent to sell, so whether or not he’ll get the option of drug rehab is up in the air.

This kind of behavior is typical of those who take meth. Not only do people hallucinate, they do things they never, ever would even consider doing if they weren’t high. And you never know when those things will be dangerous. Someone on meth, and some other drugs, can perceive danger a lot differently than someone who’s straight. Rather, they don’t perceive it at all. Or, if they see that something is potentially dangerous, it doesn’t mean anything to them.

Personally, I’ve seen people’s lives ruined just taking meth for a short time. Especially if the person is already dealing with some emotional instability. It’s enough to put them over the edge.

And then there are the physical problems. I don’t believe there is any drug that does as much damage to the body in a short period of time as meth. There isn’t an organ that it doesn’t effect. Take a look at the pictures of the meth project website – they have before and after pictures. Some people become almost unrecognizable within just a few months. And the damage can often not be reversed.

  • The skin deteriorates with acne.
  • The appetite is suppressed so the body eats it’s own muscle and fat tissue.
  • Tooth enamel dissolves, the blood vessels to the mouth shrink, increasing decay.
  • Teeth grinding – very common with meth addicts – grinds down and destroys the teeth.
  • The heart is damaged, as is every other organ.

Meth is a very serious drug. Not something you want to play around with. If you or someone you care about uses meth, get them help right away. Call us and we’ll help you figure out what to do. 855-889-0555.


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