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Get Off Cocaine, Or Die – Says Doctor

Imagine having a doctor say “You have a really big hole in your nose; it’s very dangerous… Your next hit of coke could be your last hit of anything.” That’s what happened to Stevie Nicks, former Fleetwood Mac lead singer.

How does that happen?

It’s not usual for coke users to have damage to their nasal tract. They can have recurring nosebleeds, stuffiness, hoarseness and infections. Eventually, cocaine erodes the protective membrane inside the nose.

And can even erode the cartilage. The damage is caused by the drug itself, and by damaging the vessels that supply blood to the nose.

You may notice someone who has done cocaine for a while making a whistling sound when they breath. That’s called ‘coke nose’ and is a result of a hole in the cartilage.

The damage to the nasal tract – both the membrane and the cartilage – can make problems even worse. Infections, for example, can be much more serious, and can more easily travel to other parts of the head (like the brain) and body. There’s nothing to stop it. It can take months to recover from this sort of infection, even with antibiotics.

The protective membrane can grow back – if you stop using coke or snorting any other drugs – but it takes months.

Also, if the damage extends into the cartilage, there is so solution other than plastic surgery. Cartilage doesn’ t grow back.

Even without losing the cartilage, there’s a possibility you will need surgery to fix your nose.
Stevie Nicks, who regrets ever having done coke, is trying to get people to not do coke, and to quit if you do already.

“My only advice to anybody who is watching me talk right now is to say, ‘Save your money, because it’s gonna cost you $50,000 to go to rehab… You will have to go or you will die.'”

Well, in truth, it doesn’t have to cost quite that much, but it might not be cheap. If you’re looking for a referral to an addiction help facility that help get you off coke and get you started on a new life, give us a call at Addiction Help Services, 855-889-0555.

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