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Residential Treatment

Most addiction specialists agree that a long-term residential treatment program for addicts is the most effective in guaranteeing long-term recovery.

These programs usually require a stay of 90 to 120 days or longer. They are usually resorted to after an addict has relapsed one or more times, but have proved effective right from the beginning of a recovery process. Among the things to take into consideration are the cost and amount of time away from family or employment.

Studies have shown that those participating in long-term residential care were more likely to have maintained abstinence at 6-month follow-ups.

There are many different types of long-term residential programs. Facilities take varied approaches to recovery and what fits best for you or your friend/family member depends greatly on your own personal needs and desires.

There are programs for women only, men only, teenagers only; religious-based programs; 12-step programs; programs far from home to get away from a stressful environment, as well as programs close to home so that family can participate.

Some residential treatment programs offer various behavioral therapies and you will want to know which of these are used at the facility of your choice. Some offer training in living and vocational skills, some use art or music as therapy, some use outdoor recreation and interaction with animals.

The right program for you or your loved one is the key to long-term recovery. Let us help you find the right one.