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Teen Prescription Drug Addiction: A Must-See Eye-Opener Film

Do you think it impossible that your kids or their friends are involved in prescription drug addiction or abuse? If so, Out of Reach may be a real shocker.

Out of Reach is a documentary about high school kids taking prescription drugs. The film was made by a 17-year-old who was concerned about his friends using prescription drugs. He decided to make a documentary about it, hoping to increase awareness of the problem.

In front of a classroom, filled with his friends and classmates, the young filmmaker asks:

“How many know someone who’s taken prescription drugs to get high?”

Almost everyone raised their hand.

“How many have had their parents talk to you about drugs?”

Again, more than half raise their hand.

“How many whose parents included prescription drugs in that talk?”

None raise their hands.

In fact, they were getting the drugs from their parents’ medicine cabinets so, obviously, their parents didn’t think there was a problem with leaving them around.

According to the kids in this film, it’s virtually impossible to tell if their friends are currently taking anything. But they’re taking them before school, after school, in the restrooms between classes. But unless they’ve overdosed, it’s like any other day.

So how are parents to know?

There are some heart-wrenching stories in this film. Painkillers being stolen from a father who has cancer, and another who left his mother writhing in agony on the couch every day thinking she was taking all these extra drugs and they weren’t working. But her son was snorting her painkillers every day.

The 17-year-old filmmaker, Cyrus Stowe, is not involved with drugs. He saw what happened to his dad. His parents were married for 12 years. No one had any idea he had a prescription drug problem. They didn’t even suspect it. Cyrus thought he lived a great life with a great family. Then his father started to have car accidents. When Cyrus was nine years old, he was in the car. He saw his father hanging upside down, covered in blood. That was the beginning of the end of his family.

If you would like to watch this film – and every parent, teacher or anyone else associated with teens or who cares about them – go to the Medicine Abuse Project . Just fill out a form and you can see the film and get an ‘Out of Reach’ toolkit to help educate others.

And if you need to know how and where to get someone you care about through an addiction help program, call us at 855-889-0555.

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