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Real Non-Addictive Opiate Prescription Painkillers?

Drug overdoses were the leading cause of death by injury in the U.S. just a couple of years ago. And the numbers aren’t getting any better. Most of those drugs that are killing people are prescription. And most of THOSE are OxyContin and other prescription painkillers. Non-addictive painkillers would save lives, enable people to live much better lives, and make it more possible for addicts to get drug rehab faster since the waiting lists won’t be as long.

Some of those who died were drug abusers, but many were simply in chronic pain and needed relief. If the promised non-addictive painkillers make it to market and actually work, thousands of lives will be saved and those who do have a prescription drug addiction problem will be able to get into drug treatment easier – since there won’t be such a huge waiting list.

Several companies are working on non-addictive opioids, but Cara Therapeutics’ drug is looking very promising – and it could come on the market quite soon! They recently tested their proposed non-addictive opioid painkiller – currently called CR845 – against another drug that is considered to have a very low potential for abuse, and they cam out way ahead.

They hope to release their IV version of the drug in 2016, and the oral version in 2017. It doesn’t seem very soon to someone who needs relief right now, but for those in chronic pain, who might be on the drug for many years, and for those newly in that condition, it will be a big relief.

Imagine being in chronic pain and having to risk your life to get relief. That’s the current situation.

When this drug does come out – and assuming it works as well as they hope – you can get prescription drug rehab for OxyContin, hydrocodone or whatever current drug you’re taking and may be addicted to, and then switch to a non-addictive drug.

Better still, you can look into other ways of treating chronic pain, hopefully something that will get down to the bottom of the problem so you won’t need drugs at all!

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