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Christians Not Immune to Addiction and Need Help

Last week Joseph Habedank, award-winning Christian singer disclosed that he had been addicted to prescription drugs for five years. Now he’s received the addiction help he needed and is dedicating himself to helping others in what he calls the prescription drug addiction epidemic in the church. What’s that all about??

Habedank’s addiction started with a medical situation – the same way many others started. For him, the problem was an ulcer in the back of his throat. Not only did it help the pain, it also helped him with his personal problems.

“I’ll never forget the first time that drug started working in my system and I thought, man this is the answer to every single problem that I have in life. Every insecurity that I have is gone. I’m comfortable in my own skin. I’m kind of an introvert and it kind of made me outgoing, at least in the beginning. I took all those things and then we had a few people come in and out of the group that reintroduced me into these narcotics and by 2010 I was pretty well hooked.”

He tried to kick it once on his own, but only made it for two or three months. Then he was back on them for another three years. He was then given an ultimatum by the group he sang with – get off the drugs, or stop travelling with the group. He resigned, and checked into drug rehab.

When asked why he thinks there’s an epidemic of prescription drug addiction in the church, Habedank said that based on more people dying from opiate overdoses than in car accidents last year, there has to be a situation in the church – as with everywhere else.

But, more importantly, he was basing it on his personal experience.

“I’m being completely candid, a lot of the medication that I was getting was not just from doctors. It was from “friends” in church who were either hooked on it as well or were dealing it, selling it. I know for a fact that it’s prevalent in the church but I also know that I never would want to come across as judgmental in any interview because I get it. I know how hard it is quit, how hard it is to finally humble yourself and say you know what I need help, I got to break these chains but I can’t do it by myself.”

One of the problems in the church, which I became aware of when reading about the prescription drug addiction situation in Utah with the Mormons, is that you don’t really want your ministers and fellow church-goers to know you’re a drug addict. There’s a big stigma attached to it. In fact, many people in the church who admit they have a problem are advised to keep it under their hat.

No matter what your religion, these drugs are addictive. Habedank is proof of that. He didn’t set out to be an addict, nor does any addict, and his integrity was very high. A good Christian man in every respect. But even he was caught in the trap.

It’s okay to reach for addiction help. You can’t get it in the church, but there are plenty of addiction help facilities that can help you. And you will be all the more able to be true to your beliefs when you get fixed.

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