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Overcoming Addiction

Most addicts tell us “I just want to get my life back.” If this is you, you are already partway to getting there.

No one plans to become addicted. The reason for any addiction usually starts as the “solution” to a problem. Whether it’s relationship problems, job problems, money problems, feeling unhappy about yourself, or whatever you felt was a problem in your life; you now find that the “solution” you believed would handle it, now has control over YOU.

Former addicts say “I was a slave to drugs” or “I was in a trap.” Many addicts feel that they can never make up the damage they have done to their own lives and to the lives of others. They have counted the cost of addiction in terms of money, broken relationships, bad health, failures and hopelessness.

But you have only to look around you to hear the stories of those who have beaten their addiction and recovered the life they once had, to know that it can be done. You can get your life back.

It starts with asking for help.

You may be amazed at how many people around you, family and friends, will be willing to help. Or you can call us and we will help you find your way through the confusion of possibilities, to find the right program for you.

Successful Actions in Overcoming Addiction

The advice of many who have overcome their addictions include:

  • Stop seeing the people you have abused substances with. Don’t hang out with other people who have the same addiction.
  • Change your environment. Whether it means finding a new place to live, a different job, or just where you choose to spend your free time, make a change.
  • When you have decided to do something to handle your addiction, do it right then. Don’t wait for the hopelessness to overcome you again. Hopelessness is just a manifestation of the drug, not a true feeling.
  • Drugs are essentially poisons; they eat up the body’s store of vitamins and minerals and create nutritional deficiencies. See a nutritionist and start healing your body.
  • Replace your addiction with a healthy hobby, or exercise program, a new project, or study something new.
  • Educate yourself in the subject of addiction, substance abuse and the potential solutions.
    Ask for help and get it. You can always call us here at Addiction Help Services at 855-889-0555 and we will direct you to the best solutions for your situations.