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Medical Model

Medical Model and Social Model Programs for Drug Addiction

Considerable variation exists in the levels of care provided by Alcohol or Other Drugs (AOD) abuse treatment programs. Inpatient programs generally have fairly extensive onsite capabilities for providing medical care to patients or are affiliated with a nearby medical center. Some residential treatment programs are loosely affiliated with a medical center.

Intensive outpatient treatment programs may be located within or closely affiliated with a hospital or medical center. Therapeutic communities are residential and have minimal, if any, onsite medical capabilities. They tend to rely on outside sources of medical care. Detoxification services generally are available under a medical model or a social model.

Medical Model Programs

Medical model programs are directed by a physician and staffed by other health care personnel. They range from hospital-based inpatient programs to free-standing medically based residential programs in hospitals or in community facilities that can draw on various medical resources.