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To Drug Test or Not To Drug Test, That Is The Question!

Do you have children? If you don’t, you surely have friends or family members with kids. What do you do if you suspect that they’re using drugs? Do you let it slide and hope it’s nothing, or that it will just go away? Bad idea! There are so many kids, even young children, getting involved in drugs these days, and many families have suffered losses because they ignored warning signals of suspected drug use.
What about drug testing? Is it a bad idea? Is it an invasion of a child’s privacy? Privacy schmivacy is all I have to say! If my kids were displaying signs of drug use or abuse, I would have no problem giving them a drug test.

Out of the kids I’ve met who get tested by their parents, there are some who don’t mind and others who resent it and feel like their parents don’t trust them. In my opinion, the latter seems like they’ve probably got more to hide. And, of course they’re going to resent the fact that their parents are looking out for their best interest.

In the past, the majority of drug tests have only been able to check for illegal drugs like marijuana or cocaine. Now, there are kits available that can test for prescription drugs too, which are, unfortunately, what a lot of kids are more likely to take than street drugs.

Don’t let the warning signs of drug use by your children or those of friends and family go without addressing them. A simple home drug test now could save your child from a lifetime of drug abuse, or even worse, an early death. If you do find that your child has a drug problem, get help. Statistics have proven that the earlier a person who is abusing drugs gets the addiction help services they need, the better their chances are at fully recovering and living a drug free life.

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