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There is Life After Heroin – Thanks to Drug Addiction Rehab

drug rehab works!Drug Court-assigned drug addiction rehabilitation isn’t always successful, but when it works, it works.

On December 13, 2013, James L. Dolson, was arrested in Niagara Falls for selling heroin. He was caught when selling it from his car – the buyer was a police informant.

He pled guilty to a felony, per New York State law – third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance. The penalty can range from one to nine years in prison.

However, he was offered the chance to go to treatment before he was sentenced. If he completed the treatment program successfully, he would have the opportunity to change his plea to a misdemeanor which, although having a misdemeanor on your record still creates problems in your life, ensures you’re not going to jail for nine years. In fact, if there were any jail time at all, it would be less than a year.

Mr. Dolson started the drug rehab program in June of 2014 and on December 10th of this year his successful completion was recognized by the court.

Now he’s been allowed to change his plea to a misdemeanor and will probably land a sentence of a conditional discharge – which means he’s free to go but certain conditions will be applied – or he’ll be given three years probation and the time he’s already spent in rehab will count towards it, according to an article in Buffalo News.

In the process, Mr. Dolson has also become a vital part of the community.  He joined a group called the Mayor’s Impact Team and donned a goat head and a blue T-shirt to be the mascot for a new recycling program being implemented in the city.

Mr. Dolson’s proud to be a part of things, and the DA’s happy for him too.

“We want everyone to be successful,” Assistant District Attorney Peter M. Wydysh said. “He earned it. He put in the time, he put in the effort, and I hope he stays on this course.”

That kind of community back up can go a long way!

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