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Ohio Rejects Legal Marijuana

Girl Smoking marijuanaA bill to make medical and recreational marijuana legal was just rejected in Ohio, but it’s hard to say exactly why. Are the residents of Ohio actually against legalizing marijuana, or did they just object to the bill limiting who could grow it? One way or another, Ohio residents are lucky.

The bill (Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative, aka Issue 3) was proposed, and financially supported by a group of 24 investors, including former NBA star Oscar Robertson, former boy-band celebrity Nick Lachey, and descendants of President William Howard Taft. It not only made medicinal and recreational marijuana legal, it also limited the growth of marijuana to 10 specific plots of land, all owned by the same investors. This would effectively give that group a monopoly.

On the same ballot was a bill disallowing marijuana monopolies.

The legalization bill was defeated. The monopoly bill was passed.

I don’t know whether the people rejected the ‘legalize marijuana’ bill simply because it was all about profit for these 24 guys or if they passed the anti-monopoly bill pass simply because people wanted the opportunity to also make money and felt they were getting cut out of a lucrative business?

Many people also lament the loss of money that would come to the State had the bill passed –  15% tax on gross revenues of growing operations, a 5% tax on gross revenues of retail marijuana stores, and annual licensing fees.

But do we really want to fill the State coffers with drug money?  And if marijuana can make the State a lot of money, do we then go on to legalize other drugs so the State can make money on those too?

Where does it end?

One way or another, I think this is good for Ohio. After all, marijuana is not the innocent drug people would have you believe.

People taking marijuana often feel that it’s harmless, that it just makes them feel good. But it’s doing a lot more than that. Here’s what marijuana does:

•    Impedes focus and concentration
•    Gives you a warped sense of time and space so it’s difficult to do physical things, like driving a car
•    Interferes with motor control
•    Makes it pretty much impossible to actually think things through
•    Reduces the ability to absorb and understand information
•    Can slur speech
•    Makes you laugh inappropriately – at things that aren’t really funny
•    Impedes memory
•    Impedes judgment
•    It can also make you dizzy, lethargic, sleepy and act as if you’re sedated

When you smoke a lot of marijuana at the same time, or smoke it for long periods of time, there are even more serious effects. Including:

•    Paranoia
•    Panic attacks
•    Psychosis
•    Loss of sense of self
•    Disassociation from reality
•    Less involvement and lower responsibility in life
•    Feeling like you have enhanced perception of the world while, in fact, you’re barely there.

Colorado now has hundreds of stores that sell those symptoms. And many more people are being introduced to it, and many more people will be walking around with those symptoms. And each one of them is someone’s child. And, yes, the State’s making money on it.

In Ohio, some of those effected would likely to be the children, grandchildren or other relatives of the 24 people who proposed the bill and want to make money off it by supplying the drug. And they obviously don’t have a problem with making money off someone else’s child or mother or father being in that condition either.

They’re drug pushers.

Ohio got off lucky.

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