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The Silent Call for Help

No matter what you do to help, they turn away. Drugs or alcohol have made them numb to their own condition. You talk to them about their “problem.” They ignore your every plea. But while they tell you that they are fine and have it under control – deep inside a part of them is crying for your help.

Reaching the Unreachable

There comes a point in every addict’s life that something must be done. Change is needed before they hit rock bottom, otherwise it may become too late. Your loved one needs help but you have tried everything to get through; nothing works. You need a Drug Intervention Specialist to lend their helping hand, experience and knowledge.

Intervention – What Is It?

When reason has failed and explanations and excuses are not cutting it anymore, it is time to call for assistance. An intervention is often necessary when the addict just cannot see the reality and effects of his or her actions. Don’t wait for your loved one to hit rock-bottom when it may be too late. An ethical, personalized intervention works with the person to get their willingness up and interest established to get treatment – not to force them. At Addiction Help Services, our Interventionists are trained to reach addicts and convince them that treatment will help. Don’t wait for something bad to happen, get the help you need now from AHS. Call our Intervention Hotline at 855-889-0555 now.

How Does It Work?

We work on a case-by-case basis; tailoring the Intervention to fit your loved one’s exact needs. Everyone is unique and requires that special touch necessary to finally reach them with the conviction of wanting help. In most cases the addict does not fully realize what is happening or the consequences. They simply do not realize that the long-term results of their addiction lead to death or illness. This is often too difficult for the addicted to deal with and confront. Taking input from family and friends, our Intervention helps you devise a recovery strategy that will work best for that person. Working with the individual we then find out from them what is going on in their life. We find out what aspects of their life they can face, what difficulties the drugs have been masking for them and what areas of their life they believe are not going well. We work up to the fact: they need treatment and convince them that it will help them.

Interventions Work Fast

Once you have decided that you need assistance and contact us, we work fast. Immediately after the initial interview, our interventionist is on a plane to come see you and help your loved one. We work with you and your family and get all concerned on the same page as to what is best. In this pre-intervention coordination meeting, family concerns are voiced and a specific strategy is worked out on how best to reach and help the individual. Once the interventionist has successfully gotten the individual to agree to participate in the program that the family has chosen, the interventionist will escort the individual to that treatment center.

Post Intervention Care

We offer full-service to our clients and it does not stop with the intervention itself. Once your loved one has been safely situated, we provide guidance to the family on how best to communicate with the addict and how to handle themselves while they are in treatment and in the future. This is all part of our service.

The Difference

Below you will find some words from those we’ve helped and the people we work with. We have had unprecedented success in dealing with addicts and their addictions and helping the family and friends survive through this ordeal and often times even coming out the better for it.

From a Family

“These past few days have been an exercise in patience for both Luke (AHS Interventionist) and my husband and I. We Thank God for Luke, without him things would not have worked out. He babysat us, and hung in there with “R” and made a big difference in his release from the court. Thanks so much.” — B. G.

From a Treatment Facility

“I just want to let you know how grateful I am to your organization. This is the first time I have referred a cycle to your company, and I was seriously blown away. Not only did your team handle the call with 911 urgency, they were hired and now have the addict on the way to us, all within 48 hours. The family of the addict couldn’t be more thrilled as well! I am very much impressed with Joe, Matt, and you for setting up such a well working organization. Your group runs better than any others I have worked with thus far, and I just wanted to write you this and express my sincere thanks and appreciation for what your entire team does and how well they do it! I very much look forward to working with your team again and again!” — J. W.

From an Attorney Representing a Client

“On behalf of my client, his family and myself, I want to thank you for the excellent job you did in testifying in court concerning the drug rehab program you helped him arrive at. I firmly believe that your professional demeanor and appearance, your knowledge of the program’s benefits and its interrelation with the criminal justice system, your confident attitude regarding the program and the personal testimony of your life experience combined in a powerfully persuasive way to convince Judge Newsome to give “P” another opportunity rather than revoking his probation and sentencing him to the penitentiary. The proof of the effectiveness of your testimony was evident in the abruptness of the court’s termination of the hearing following your testimony and the granting of the relief we were requesting.” — J.W.L.


We offer a flat fee plus travel expenses, please call our hotline for more information at 855-889-0555.

Help Someone You Love – Now!

When you see your loved one does not respond to your care and help, the time to act is now. Don’t wait for something bad to happen or wait till they hit bottom when it may be too late. The time to act is when you first see their symptoms. Call our Intervention Hotline at 855-889-0555 or fill out the form below.

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Drug Addiction Treatment Types

These type of treatments are primarily used for heroin addiciton, opiate addiction, and in general those addictions that produce the most severe withdrawal symptoms.