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The “designer” drug known as ecstasy is also known by the chemical abbreviation “MDMA.”

Addiction is only one of the problems experienced by the users of “ecstasy.” Ecstasy users experience problems similar to those experienced by amphetamine and cocaine users.

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What Does It Look Like?

Ecstasy comes in a tablet form that is often branded, e.g. Playboy bunnies, Nike swoosh, CK

How Is It Used?

Large, all-night dance parties known as “raves” have reported MDMA related fatalities. Ecstasy use has been reported to be escalating among college students and young adults that have begun attending these gatherings in recent years.

Dehydration, hyperthermia, and heart or kidney failure are a result of the ecstasy user combining hot and crowded conditions with the stimulant effect from ecstasy.

Much of what is sold as “ecstasy” on the black market actually contains other drugs, some of which can be more dangerous than MDMA, like PMA, speed, DXM and PCP. Mixing ecstasy with alcohol or other drugs increases the risk of adverse reactions.

What Are the Effects?

Use of MDMA is a common cause of memory problems in humans. MDMA (ecstasy) can be the cause of long-term brain injury.

Euphoria and increased alertness are effects from ecstasy that are similar to those of cocaine and amphetamine. This is caused by the stimulant effect of MDMA. For the young people attending raves, the drug of choice since the 1980’s is ecstasy.

Psychological effects from MDMA use can include: confusion, depression, sleep problems, anxiety, and paranoia during, and sometimes weeks later. Muscle tension, involuntary teeth clenching, nausea, blurred vision, faintness, and chills or sweating are physical effects of using ecstasy. People with circulatory or heart disease are at a high risk because of increases in heart rate and blood pressure.

There have been some deaths associated with MDMA. Usually these have been a result of heatstroke from dancing for long periods of time in hot clubs without replenishing lost body fluids.


Some of the hundreds of different names given to ecstasy come from the small image that is stamped on top of each tablet, or from the shape of the tablet itself.

007s, 69s, Adam, Batmans, B-bombs, Bean, Bens, Benzedrine, Bermuda triangles, Bibs, Biphetamine, Blue kisses, Blue lips, Blue nile, Bump up, Bumping up, Candy flipping on a string, Candy Raver, Candy-flipping, Care bears, Cat in the hats, Charity, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chrystal methadrine, Clarity, Cloud nine, Cristal, Dead road, Debs, Decadence, Dex, Dexedrine, Diamonds, Disco biscuit, Disco biscuits, Doctor, Dolls, Domex, Draf, Drivers, E, E-bombs, Ecstasy, Egyptians, Elephant flipping, Elephants, E-puddle, Essence, E-tard, Eve, Exiticity, Fastin, Flipping, Flower flipping, Four leaf clover, Gaggler, Go, Green triangles, Greenies, Gum, GWM, H-bomb, Hammerheading, Happy drug, Happy pill, Hawkers, Herbal bliss, Hippieflip, Hug drug, Hugs and Kisses, Hydro, Hype, Iboga, Ice, Igloo, Jellies, Jerry Garcias, Khat, Kitty flipping, Kleenex, K-lots, Letter biscuits, Love drug, Love flipping, Love pill, Love trip, Lovers’ special, Lover’s speed, MAO, MDM, MDMA, Mercedes, Methedrine, Mini beans, Mitsubishi, Monoamin, Moxidase, Moonstone, Morning shot, Nexus flipping, Nineteen, NOX, On the ball, Orange bandits, P and P, Parachute down, Party and play, Party pack, Peace, Peeper(s), Piggybacking, Pikachu, Pink panthers, Playboy bunnies, Playboys, Pollutants, Rave energy, Red devils, Rib, Ritual spirit, Roca, Rolling, Rolls Royce, Running, Scooby snacks, Sextasy, Shabu, Slammin’/Slamming, Smurfs, Snackies, Speed for lovers, Speedballing, Speedies, Spivias, Stacking, Stacks, Stars, Strawberry shortcake, Super X, Supermans, Swans, Sweeties, Tabs, Tachas, Tens, Tom and Jerries, Totally spent, Triple crowns, Triple rolexes, Triple stacks, Troll, Tutus, Tweety Birds, U.S.P., Ultimate Xphoria, Wafers, Waffle dust, West Coast turnarounds, Wheels, Whiffledust, White diamonds, White dove, Wigits, X, X-ing, X-Pills, XTC

Legal Status

Ecstasy is classified as a Schedule I drug.