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Drug News: October 30, 2014

A matter of life and death – LaGrange News

For many people, the issue of drug addiction recovery is a literally matter of life and death. In 2012 in Georgia, there were 686 deaths from drug over dose in 152 of the 159 counties for which the Georgia Bureau of Investigations performs autopsies.

Oklahoma State football: Justin Blackmon voluntarily checks into drug rehab program – News OK

The winding saga of Justin Blackmon’s personal battle with addiction seems to have recently taken a turn for the better. Jacksonville Jaguars coach Gus Bradley told the Associated Press on Wednesday that the former All-American Oklahoma State wide receiver has checked himself into a voluntary drug rehab program.

Kentucky OxyContin Case Against Purdue Pharma Leads Fight Over Opioid Abuse – Insurance Journal

Purdue, which makes the best-selling painkiller OxyContin, has never gone to trial on a case of OxyContin abuse. It has won dismissals in more than 400 personal-injury lawsuits related to the drug. And while it has settled some product liability cases related to OxyContin under secret terms, Purdue has defeated more than 10 efforts to wage class-actions against it.

Experts: Heroin cheaper, more pure than before – WBalTV

The heroin epidemic continues to grow, and investigators say it is now a supply-and-demand issue. In some instances, it starts with a surgery, back injury or some other trauma. A strong pain pill is prescribed, an opiate like Oxycontin, and the next thing you know, a person is hooked. The Drug Enforcement Agency said that’s a driving force in the increase of heroin use.

Number of babies born to addicted mothers skyrockets – WLWT

At first glance, this mother and baby look like any other mother and child. But take another look and you will see a baby that is withdrawing from drugs right after she entered the world.

High Hitler: Nazi leader was a meth addict, says new documentary – Washington Post

Based on details in a 47-page American military dossier compiled during the war, Hitler was taking a cocktail of 74 different drugs, including a form of what is now commonly known as crystal meth. He also took “barbiturate tranquilizers, morphine, bulls’ semen.

Men pulling their own teeth out with pliers, children as young as 11 injecting, and teen ice ‘cooks’ vomiting blood: How meth addiction is destroying the next generation of Australians with over 350,000 hooked – Daily Mail

There are now almost 350,000 Australians – some as young as 11 – taking cheap, easily accessible and highly addictive crystal methamphetamine, nicknamed ice, which destroys the brain and creates psychotic behaviour such as users gauging away at their skin as they imagine feeling insects crawling beneath it.

Parents are the first line of defense in war on opiate abuse – The Acorn

Three years after the death of Thousand Oaks High School football player Griffen Kramer put heroin use in the Conejo Valley under the microscope, area teens continue to abuse the deadly drug and other opioids at an alarming rate.

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