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Drug News: May 21, 2015

Doctors say treating babies born to addicted mothers expensive, painful – WMUR

“These babies are not happy. They are very irritable, so the littlest of noises disrupts them. Their intestines are overactive. They throw up. They have diarrhea. They sweat.”

Federal government reversing its decision to allow generic OxyContin as addictions surge – National Post

The federal health minister said she is going to introduce legislation that will reverse the decision taken by her government to allow generic drugmakers to produce their own version of the powerful painkiller, OxyContin. The government is acting to combat the “silent killer” of prescription drug addiction.

Critics: Mistake to allow addicts to sue for damages in WV – State Journal

Critics fear a recent West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals decision allowing individuals who admit to illegal acts to sue for damages is going to “open up a pandora’s box” in the Mountain State. “This case says that even if you are a pill-seeking drug felon … the pharmacy and doctor who prescribe to you, even if you have a prior addiction or criminal issues, are now civilly liable for damages,” noted one observer who chose not to be identified. “Essentially, it rewards criminal behavior.”

The Side Effects Of Marijuana In The Brain: Some Regions Become More Impaired Than Others – Medical Daily

THC, a key ingredient in marijuana, attaches to cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. Several areas of the brain have high densities of these receptors, which helps explain the different effects of the drug.

Synthetic ‘marijuana’ isn’t pot, isn’t safe = Washington Times

This past month, there was again a dramatic spike in emergency room visits in several states. Marketed under the names Spice, Smacked, K2, and Black Mamba — to name a few — synthetic marijuana is not the “safe” alternative to plant-grown marijuana that it is made out to be.

Supreme Court prods Obama administration in Colorado marijuana dispute – Christian Science Monitor

Nebraska and Oklahoma say marijuana laws in neighboring Colorado are causing harm to their states and want the US Supreme Court to intervene. On Monday, court showed interest in the case by asking the Obama administration for a brief.

Learn to Recognize the Signs of an Alcohol Problem – Consumer Health Day

To help people identify when drinking becomes a problem, Dr. William Jacobs, chief of addiction medicine at Georgia Regents University’s Medical College of Georgia, outlined five major signs of alcohol abuse or dependence.

Crystal meth addict ‘gouged out his eyes and ate them’ while high on drug, Australian MP claims – Independent

An Australian MP shocked hundreds gathered at an anti-drugs summit by describing an incident where a young man gouged his own eyes out and ate them while high on methamphetamines.

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