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Drug News: January 15, 2014

Trace Adkins enters rehab – CelebrityExaminer

Country singer Trace Adkins has checked himself into a treatment facility after being sober for over 10 years. According to reports, the 52-year-old singer supposedly took his first drink in over 12 years while on the Country Cruising cruise that began on Sunday.

Why Buying Cocaine Is Like Donating to the Nazi Party – Slate Magazine

Drug-related massacre left 13 dead and more than a dozen wounded. Most of the victims were between 14 and 20 years old and were attending a birthday party. They were herded into a corner of the house and executed by a firing squad. Armed men came looking for one young man, but when the patrons responded that he was not there, they opened fire. But we all know who drives the drug trade. It’s us. At our hip little parties, our New Year’s Eve celebrations, our secret back rooms, …

California Governor Proposes Drug Rehab Program Changes After Investigation – KUTV 2News

(CNN) — California Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed millions of dollars in additional funding to crack down on abuses in the state’s drug rehab program as a result of an investigation by CNN and The Center for Investigative Reporting. The budget proposes 21 positions and $2.2 million … to continue the state’s intensive focus on program integrity and expansion of drug treatment services by recertifying all providers in the state.

Drug Treatment Courts: 20 Years of Uncounted Deaths – Huffington Post

My son was killed in 2012 by failed drug treatment court policies and poorly written 911 Good Samaritan Overdose Laws in NY. iIn Georgia, as of summer 2013, there were no state standards on how the 38 drug courts should even operate. In their first gathering of statistics from Fulton County, Georgia in the fall of 2013, more than twice as many participants were kicked out or dropped out of the drug treatment court as those that graduated.

Why Is Heroin Abuse Rising While Other Drug Abuse Is Falling? – Forbes

Across the U.S., heroin abuse among first-time users has increased by nearly 60 percent in the last decade, from about 90,000 to 156,000 new users a year.

Heroin Becoming a National Concern – Guardian Liberty Voice

It is reported that 80 percent of those incarcerated suffer from some type of opiate addiction and see their drug use as the reason for their imprisonment. Many users start with Oxycontin, which has been described as heroin in pill form. The Oxycontin are prescribed as pain relievers and then are crushed up to give a rush to the addict. Some Oxycontin addicts then turn to heroin, as it is a cheaper form of the thrill they seek.

Student slices off his own penis, stabs his mom while high on party drug – Daily Caller

In the wee hours of Dec. 29, a 19-year-old British college student sliced off his own penis after allegedly getting high on “Meow Meow,” which is a synthetic party drug officially called mephedrone. Prior to mutilating himself, the unidentified student stabbed his own mother.

Psychosis link to party drug – The West Australian

Fremantle Hospital doctors believe a party drug being sold as ecstasy is responsible for a series of six psychosis cases in 24 hours. “”It is always impossible to know what’s contained in illicit drugs so there is always a risk,” said the doctor. “The only way to make it risk-free is not to take illicit drugs.”

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