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Drug News – November 27, 2015

When Drug Treatment For Narcotic Addiction Never Ends – NPR

“I use the medication as fishing bait,” says John Fisher, a self-taught counselor who runs Addiction Recovery Center of East Tennessee in rural Blountville. The sign out front says the clinic specializes in “addictionology.” “We bring them in and try to taper them over time,” Fisher says, adding that no one comes truly seeking treatment. They’re looking for legal access to drugs. “One hundred percent of them are,” he says.

Maine’s few addiction treatment centers have long waiting lists – Central Maine

As one of Central Maine’s few addiction providers, I took great interest in the Maine Compass about drug addiction from Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew (“Fighting against our heroin crisis,” Nov. 10). I was astounded by a statement in which she seems to suggest that addiction treatment is readily available for Mainers who need it.

A pre-emptive strike against drug addiction – Lowell Sun

The state poured $28 million into this fiscal year’s budget to provide additional treatment beds for those trying to free themselves of drug dependency. While welcomed, more must be done to arrest this deadly epidemic. That’s why Gov. Charlie Baker recently introduced legislation allowing doctors to involuntarily hold vulnerable addicts for up to 72 hours to assess whether they require further treatment.

Those in 50s Biggest Group Battling Drug Addiction – WebMD

People aged 50 to 59 accounted for about 8 percent of narcotic painkiller and heroin treatment patients in 1996, but they represented nearly 36 percent in 2012. The proportion of patients aged 60 to 69 also rose dramatically, from 1.5 percent to 12 percent, according to a study based in New York City.

Drug Addiction Presents Differently In Men And Women, But Current Treatment Protocols Don’t Reflect It – Medical Daily

“Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) is the most common form of opioid agonist therapy. … However, most of what we currently know about methadone treatment is based primarily on studies that included few or no women at all. Existing treatment options remain targeted toward opioid users of the past; primarily young, inner-city, heroin-injecting men.”

Christie pardons recovering drug addict for 1972 crime – APP

Gov. Chris Christie pardoned a Philadelphia resident Wednesday for a boardwalk robbery he committed as a drug-addicted young man more than 40 years ago. John Berry, 61, is now a case manager for the Philadelphia Treatment Court and has been sober for more than 28 years , and Christie pointed to him at a Statehouse announcement as an example of why treating addicts is better for society than punishing them.

CU experiments on drug-addicted teens raise consent questions – KDVR

For more than 30 years, University of Colorado has operated a place called Synergy Residential, an adolescent male-only drug treatment program, run out of what’s now building number 3660. After complaints about the reported treatment of residents, FOX31 Problem Solvers launched a long-term investigation focused on three key areas of concern/


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