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Drug News – March 10, 2016

Senate Passes Broad Bill to Combat Drug Abuse – New York Times

“This is big and significant,” said Marvin Ventrell, the executive director of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. “It had legs and interest because of the opioid crisis that has hit Middle America.”

Identifying addiction: 5 signs your loved one is struggling with prescription drugs –

What often begins as a prescription drug habit can pave the way to heroin addiction. Chances are, in your neighborhood, opiate abuse is rampant. Addiction crosses ZIP codes, racial and socioeconomic lines.

Commentary: Insurers must cover tools to address Kentucky’s Growing Prescription Drug Problem –

Most Kentuckians don’t have to look far to find someone who has been impacted by the prescription drug abuse and heroin epidemic. How do we protect access to opioid medicines many Kentuckians legitimately need while discouraging the misuse and abuse that leads so many individuals to spiral downward into drug addiction?

Alcohol Addiction Affects Dopamine Levels In Brain, Making It Harder To Catch A Buzz, Easier To Relapse – Medical Daily

Alcohol is one of the most addictive substances on the planet, and for those who develop a dependency, sudden withdrawal can produce physical symptoms in the body such as shaking and delirium. But, while much is known about how alcohol withdrawal affects the body, a recent study delved deeper, and investigated how sudden alcohol withdrawal affects the brain.

My Toughest Out – The Players TribuNe

“I’ve played in sold out stadiums. I’ve undergone numerous surgeries. And I’ve even pitched in the World Series,: said Yankees pitcher cc Sabithia. “But nothing scared me more than saying these three words: ‘I need help.”

Nancy Reagan’s Legacy Includes Support Of Abusive Drug Treatment For Teens – Huffington Post

Not only did her “Just Say No” campaign become as famous as any sitcom star’s catchphrase, but she also supported a notorious drug treatment for teenagers that is still being practiced. Reagan and the first lady were big backers of Straight Inc., a chain of drug rehabilitation centers co-founded by top GOP fundraiser Mel Sembler. The facilities, which treated teenagers, promoted the idea that drug addiction can be conquered through a combination of isolation and verbal and physical abuse.

Grants Allow For Expanded Drug Treatment In Northern Wisconsin – WPR

State grants awarded to health facilities in northwestern Wisconsin have helped expand treatment for heroin and opioid addiction in rural areas and health care providers are seeing more success.

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