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Drug News: April 21, 2016

Wisconsin nurses slower to self-report drug abuse – Minneapolis Star Tribune

The first time Ann Stanton stole drugs, she says, came after she watched one of her patients die in intensive care. Feeling responsible, she pocketed pain medication intended for an elderly patient soon after, setting off a six-month run of stealing that didn’t end until she was caught in a hospital bathroom injecting a drug often used to treat anxiety disorders.

Letter: HB 2743 needed to fight prescription drug abuse – The State Journal-Register

At the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, we support policy solutions aimed at helping prevent prescription drug abuse that can lead to addiction. One such tool is abuse-deterrent formulations, a reformulation of prescription pain medications that make them harder to abuse.

Employees stealing drugs from Ohio pharmacies, health care facilities – Columbus Dispatch

Time and again, customers called the Toronto (Ohio) Apothecary to complain after picking up their prescriptions. It was always the same story: Pills were missing from the bottles. Workers figured the customers had to be wrong. Pharmacists insisted they had double-counted the pills. Soon enough, though, they learned that their customers had been right.

One Student’s Fight to Help Others Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction – Keene State College

On the road to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and physical abuse, Natassia Diffendale, originally from Perth Amboy, NJ, is dedicating her time and effort with the hope of helping others who have journeyed down a similar path and are looking to regain control of their lives.

Researchers May Have Discovered World-First New Treatment for Alcohol Addiction – The Science Explorer

In what researchers are calling an “internationally-significant breakthrough,” a team of neuroscientists in Australia, led by Queensland University of Technology, say they may have discovered a world-first new treatment for alcohol addiction — and conveniently, it’s in the form of a drug that is already approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

2 charged with providing liquor to teens who suffered alcohol poisoning –

Brenda Shepard, 63, and grandmother to Ryan Newbert, 19 – both of Rockland – have been charged with aggravated furnishing of alcohol to minors. Newbert is also facing a charge of aggravated furnishing of scheduled drugs.

7 charged after drug party raid at storage facility in Langhorne, PA –

Police received a call about a large party that involved drugs. They say officers arrived to find about 50 people between 18 and 25 years old and large amounts of drugs and drug-laced products in plain view.

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