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Drug News: December 26, 2013

ACP Issues Wake-up Call on Prescription Drug Abuse – Medscape

The American College of Physicians (ACP) has issued a policy position paper on prescription drug abuse in an effort to stem the “epidemic” of deaths from prescription drug overdose that is occurring.

What If Holiday Stress Leads To Prescription Drug Abuse? – KUHF-FM

Prescription drug abuse and addiction is reaching epidemic proportions. One local expert on pain and dependency says left untreated, stress and depression could cause a holiday rise in prescription drug misuse or even overdose.

Poverty and addiction created a heroin entrepreneur – Chicago Reader

Now 41, Fultz describes his experiences as an example of how poverty, addiction, and black-market entrepreneurship combine to produce drug dealers. As he puts it in a phone call from prison in Wisconsin, “My story is like the youth story in black America.”

Is heroin addiction as close as your medicine cabinet? –

The scourge of heroin continues to spread across the region at a rate that has authorities alarmed. An Action News investigation uncovers an alarming revelation about opiate addiction and the connection between heroin use and prescription medications many of us use every day.

The New York Times is dead wrong about drug addiction – Salon

In a two-part series for the New York Times last month, Deborah Sontag wrote about buprenorphine, a medication used (mostly in the form of Suboxone) to treat opiate addiction through replacement therapy. The piece was presented as a dramatic exposé, with the flashy headline: “Addiction Treatment with a Dark Side.”

Crouse Hospital expanding its methadone program as painkiller, heroin addiction grows –

Crouse Hospital is expanding its methadone program in response to a surge in prescription painkiller and heroin addiction.

Chris Cole offers hope after heroin addiction – Rockford Register Star

Cole nearly killed himself with his addiction. Four years ago he was hospitalized with a heart infection caused by injecting himself with heroin.

“Zombie” Drug Krokodil has Struck Again: Teenager Injects Drug into Genitals in Mexico – Latin Post

“Zombie” flesh-eating drug, desomorphine, the street name Krokodil (pronounced crocodile), which gives users an intense “zombie-like” high state -and the side effects are ulcerated skin and limbs- has struck again, and this time in Mexico. In a bizarre sequence of events, what initially was thought to be lacerations caused by a sexually transmitted infection, turned out to be harm caused when a teenage girl injected the drug into her genitals.

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