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How Bad Is a Rob Ford Crack Habit?

Has there been an day in the last month without the U.S., Canada and Great Britain media covering Toronto’s out of control crack smoking mayor, Rob Ford? Although he says he’s not addicted, it’s pretty hard to believe, as is everything else he says. So, is it important to get off crack? Is it a very bad drug?  In fact, it’s one of the worst drugs around.

According to a recent article by a certified addiction counselor – who’s worked with hundreds of people hooked on drugs, and their families, and done hundreds of successful interventions, even walking into meth labs and crack houses to get addicts to come with him directly to drug rehab – crack cocaine addiction is one of the worst addictions he’s seen.

They do ‘unthinkable’ things to themselves, as well as stealing, selling their homes, cars or anything else they can get their hands on to get crack. You’ll even find mothers who force their teenage daughters into prostitution to get money for her drugs.

I’m not saying Rob Ford would be a great guy if he got off crack but, really, his behavior is typical of someone on the drug.

If you or someone you care about is using crack, get help soon.

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