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Celebrity Rehab Stints

Original posted on Friday, February 2, 2007

It seems that the latest trend in celebrity culture isn’t a new style of sunglasses, a new clothing designer, or getting married (or divorced) – it’s going to rehab.

Either the media has focused more attention on who is going to rehab, or there are more celebrities entering treatment centers.

The trouble is not only identifying which is which, but also figuring out who is doing it as a temporary break from things and who actually is trying to change their ways.

Last year it was Mel Gibson following his famous drunken tirade, and then there was Robin Williams on a less dramatic scale.

There was also model Kate Moss after pictures appeared of her doing cocaine, but then she’s at it again with her boyfriend Pete Doherty.

Lindsay Lohan wore an AA coin as if it were a new fashion trend she was starting (because she was still spotted out at clubs and famously bragged of not drinking for a few days), and then finally entered a residential program.

Former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson just checked himself into a program following an arrest for possession.

Miss USA Tara Connor went for her alcohol abuse, but her half-tearful apology to Donald Trump in a press conference didn’t seem all that sincere that she believed she actually had a drinking problem as opposed to getting caught doing something that shed negative light on her and the pageant.

Ausie country singer Keith Urban recently went too, but his efforts actually do come across as being true.

One that doesn’t fully make sense though is Isaiah Washington from Grey’s Anatomy. He made some inappropriate comments about a co-star – and then went to rehab, but for what? Negative feelings and horrible judgement?

Whether using it as a publicity patch-up maneuver or actually seeking help, sometimes the clinic itself comes into question. Does the most money really buy the best help?

While it is true that there are some very good programs out there that cost tens of thousands of dollars over several months, some of the high-priced resort-type programs can be tens of thousands of 30 days or less.

Statistics have shown that a longer-term residential program (more than 30 days, and preferably longer than 90 days) is often more effective, but the type of program and environment also play a big role in it.

So, is it now chic for celebrities to go to rehab or is it already more of a cliche?

More stars publicly admitting they need help and receiving it could spark others to seek help as well, which would be a good thing. But, if ‘going to rehab’ becomes a joke, then those in need of true rehabilitation are the ones that get harmed in the end, whether we know their names or not.

Article by Eric Mitchell

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