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Heroin Addiction – One Former Addict’s Success Story

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It’s amazing to hear stories of recovery, even more amazing to hear about a former addict’s background. It’s often nothing like you would expect. Fortunately, addiction help can really turn lives around. more…

Meth Ruins a Family – Drug Addiction Treatment Saves It

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happy sober womanMethamphetamine isn’t easy to kick, but thanks to an 18-month program through Minnesota’s Morrison County Drug Court program, Missy Strack is clean and living a whole new life! Here’s how she finally did it. more…

Another Tool to Help Save the Lives of Addicts

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A common marketing basic is that people don’t really consider communication from a corporation about their own product as credible. They want to hear about experiences from consumers – people who already purchased the product. That’s why reviews are so popular and why most people who buy products often research the reviews of a product more…

Changing the Party School Image of University of Colorado

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Four years ago the University of Colorado (CU) was the number one party school in the country. As a parent, I would be reluctant to send my kids to a school that earned such a dubious award. CU wasn’t too pleased with it either. So they set about making changes that have dropped CU right off the party school list. And they have some impressive statistics. more…

Police Department Helps Fast Track Addicts into Treatment

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One of the problems with getting drug addicts into addiction treatment is the availability of beds in residential centers. Residential centers, by the way, deliver the best and most successful treatment programs. But in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the police department has a new program that could help a lot of people! Here’s how it works. more…

Zayn Malik's Out: Longevity and Drugs Don't Mix in Music

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Zayn Malik and One Direction have parted ways. Some say he quit, others say he was fired for alcohol and drug use. The band’s management wants him to handle his alcohol and drug issues, and has plans to replace him. There’s no question that he’s got a problem – let’s hope he takes this opportunity to get into an alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation program so he doesn’t just fall off the map as a musician. Another lesson musicians and wanna-be-musicians should learn about what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable if you want to really make it as a musician. more…

Eight Months Later, She Was Dead. What Happened?

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Whitney Houston went through several alcohol and drug treatment programs. In June 2011, she’d just finished her last bout with drug rehab. It had lasted 30 days – which she said just wasn’t enough. And she was right – eight months later, in February 2012, she was dead.

But Whitney’s not the only one who needed a longer program. Unfortunately, the vast majority of addiction help programs are relatively short-term and / or outpatient treatment programs. But they have an abysmal success rates – like 5 percent. Success rates that low are one of the major reasons why alcohol and drug addiction is still such a problem. more…

The Success of Drug Rehab Begins with a Decision

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All things begin with a decision – including whether to take drugs, drink alcohol, or not, and whether to quit them or stay off them. But the decisions that lead to taking drugs or drinking, or stopping either, might have little to do with the actual drugs. And to be successful in drug rehab, the underlying decisions have to be found and addressed.

What could those decisions be? The person could have made the decisions that led to taking drugs or drinking long before drugs or alcohol came into the picture. more…

How Bad Is a Rob Ford Crack Habit?

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Has there been an day in the last month without the U.S., Canada and Great Britain media covering Toronto’s out of control crack smoking mayor, Rob Ford? Although he says he’s not addicted, it’s pretty hard to believe, as is everything else he says. So, is it important to get off crack? Is it a very bad drug?  In fact, it’s one of the worst drugs around. more…

Success Texas: Born and Raised in Dallas Texas

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Born and raised in Dallas, Texas to middle class hard working parents. My parents divorced when I was 6 and soon after my father was gone from my life. My mother ended up marrying her high school sweetheart who turned out to be the man that raised me both physically and mentally. My family moved more…

Alcohol Rehab for Hasselhoff? When Is He Going to Get Into Successful Treatment?

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David Hasselhoff went on another binge and spent two days in the hospital. It’s amazing that he’s still in a custody battle. The kids were taken from him temporarily after the video appeared online, taken by his daughter, of him lying on a floor, drunk, trying to eat a hamburger, but he got them back. more…

Drug Rehab Successes Being Celebrated in Hawaii

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According to a recent article in the Honolulu Advisor, one in 10 adults in Hawaii needs drug rehab. This is a pretty outrageous statistic – look at the houses on either side of you and the two across the street: someone in those houses needs to get into a drug rehab program. According to the more…

Happy New Year

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Hope everyone is having a fun and safe New Year’s celebration. See you next year!!