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Addiction Help and the New Breed of Drug Dealer in Indiana

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Montgomery County Superior Court sentenced Henry Martin Kolep to 10 years in prison for dealing in prescription drugs. His customers could have been buying Ritalin, Adderall, methadone, OxyContin, Percocet, Morphine, Xanax, Valium or any other prescription drug – all of which are Schedule II substances according to the DEA and, of course, very dangerous. They more…

The Need for Addiction Help in the Future Can’t Be Predicted Without Complete Surveys, and They Have to Include Prescription Drugs

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Addiction, Minnesota, Prescription Drugs, Valium, Xanax

Where does addiction treatment fall when you do a survey about drug abuse? Do the surveys tell us enough to measure how much addiction help will be needed in the future? The surveys that are done are incomplete and half the students don’t even fill them out. Also, there are plenty of questions about street more…

Addiction Help in Pennsylvania – Toads Back in the News

Posted under Addiction Help, Colorado, Hallucinogen, Pennsylvania, Xanax

Pennsylvania has a small population of drug users that can use addiction help. We are not talking about prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Xanax or Vicodin. We’re not even talking about the common illegal drugs. We’re talking about toad licking. And anyone who would go to those extremes to get high needs addiction help. That’s more…

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