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Adderall Turning A and B Students into Druggies

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Adderall and Ritalin used to be prescribed for the set of symptoms known as ADHD and other so-called learning disorders. Now they’re also used to study. But the students who are taking them – many of whom are the A & B students who want to get good grades – are having to take time out to get addiction help instead of being able to pursue their goals.

How bad is the situation? more…

The Success of Drug Rehab Begins with a Decision

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All things begin with a decision – including whether to take drugs, drink alcohol, or not, and whether to quit them or stay off them. But the decisions that lead to taking drugs or drinking, or stopping either, might have little to do with the actual drugs. And to be successful in drug rehab, the underlying decisions have to be found and addressed.

What could those decisions be? The person could have made the decisions that led to taking drugs or drinking long before drugs or alcohol came into the picture. more…

Giving Kids Prescription Drugs Sets Them Up for Addiction

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Don’t Get Your Kid Addicted to Drugs

Obviously, there are times when kids need drugs. But to give a kid drugs when they are inattentive at school or overactive doesn’t handle a thing. It just teaches them that they need drugs to cope with life. And it really doesn’t help or even find the root cause of their actual condition. more…

More Young People Getting Addiction Help for ADD and ADHD Drugs

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Finally! Ritalin, Adderall and other drugs for ‘ADD’ and ‘ADHD’ are being recognized as the dangerous and addictive drugs that they are. According to a recent news story, a lot of young people going to facilities for addiction help are taking these drugs. How do they get them? Some get them from their doctors; others more…

Study Drugs Running Rampant in High Performance High Schools

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There was an excellent investigative report on study drugs in a recent issue of the New York Times/Herald Tribune. Reading this report, you can really see that these drugs – Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse or Focalin, the drugs prescribed for ADD/ADHD but used by students to improve focus and clarity – are becoming epidemic in high more…

Student Gets Addiction Help for Adderall; No One Ever Figured out What Caused her Symptoms

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Some people, including parents, students and doctors, don’t think of Adderall, or other drugs for the symptoms associated with ADD or ADHD, as addictive. But that is far from the case. Students often wind up needing addiction help to get off them. Here’s the story of one young lady: At 16 years old, she was more…

Teachers Need Addiction Help Too – Don’t Let Your Kids Depend on Them

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You would think that schools would be a relatively safe place when it comes to drugs and alcohol. At the very least, you would expect that if you can educate and protect your kids from other kids who drink and take drugs, and sell them, you wouldn’t have much to worry about. And if you more…

Alcohol Abuse in Party Schools – Going to College Can Be Dangerous

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Parents are excited when their kids go off to college, but they are also a little worried. How will their young man or woman cope with being away from home? Will they do well? Will they behave themselves? Will they get involved in things that might cause them trouble? Now, more than ever, that is more…

Hooked on Prescription Drugs? Get Addiction Help.

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I recently read an article about the prescription drug addiction problem in a certain state. There was a big task force formed by the police, various addiction help facilities and a number of other groups. One of the government officials in the town was quoted as saying that he didn’t think there was a prescription more…

Addiction Vs. Dependence, are they the same?

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Without going into a lot of details, the short answer is probably no, and unfortunately the line between the two is pretty grey, but there is a definitely more to it… A drug “addiction” is generally defined as compulsive, drug-seeking behavior which is due to physical and/or mental dependency on a drug, despite knowingly causing more…

Addiction Help: How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs

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Every day I see articles telling parents to discuss drugs with their children if they want them to stay drug-free. Statistics show that kids whose parents talk to them about drugs are 50% less like to take them. But often parents don’t know what to say and, because of that, don’t talk to them about more…

Are Energy Drinks a Gateway Drug?

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I recently had occasion to meet one of the major marketing people for perhaps the best-known energy drink. More caffeine than about 10 cups of coffee in one little can. She confessed to having been wired on this stuff – but said she’s now down to about 6 cans a day. I don’t know the stats on her more…

Addiction Help for Performance-Enhancing Amphetamines

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Performance-enhancing drugs are in the news again – this time it’s with sports, check out Why Isn’t There Nearly As Big A Fuss About Amphetamines In Baseball As There Is About Steroids? Some people have even suggested prescription painkillers should also be disallowed as, without them, some athletes couldn’t perform, hence, they’re performance-enhancing drugs. Amphetamines are more…

Stimulants Drive Need for Addiction Help

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Some time ago I had an allergic reaction to something I ate and my face got so badly swollen you could barely see my eyes. After a couple of days my doctor put me on steroids to get the swelling down before my face exploded. They worked, but they also had other rather intense effects in that more…

Here’s Why People Need Addiction Help for Prescription Drugs

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$79 billion – that’s the latest figure on the profits of Big Pharma – the nation’s biggest drug dealer. And most of the money they’re making now comes from addictive drugs  – as is evidenced by the fact that many facilities offering addiction help are servicing more people for prescription drug addiction, dependency and abuse more…

Future Addiction Help Likely for Kids Over Eight Who Go on Ritalin

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I read two articles about the same subject today – both promoted the idea that ADHD drugs don’t add up to the need for addiction help. One was entitled “ADHD drugs not linked to future drug abuse,” and the other was “Without Substance: ADHD meds don’t up kids’ drug abuse risk.” I found the articles more…