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Drug Rehab News: Marijuana Causes Mental Illness

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab, Marijuana

The dangers associated with marijuana have been debated for years. Some say it’s the least harmful of illegal drugs and in California it is even legally prescribed for people with a variety of conditions including anxiety, cancer and multiple sclerosis. But a recent study may cause medical marijuana users as well as those who abuse more…

Drug Addiction Can Be Beaten

Posted under Drug Rehab, Marijuana, Pennsylvania

A year ago David Fetterer’s life was plunging further and further into desperation as a result of his marijuana addiction. But instead of giving up and losing his wife and children, he cheeked into a drug rehab center and beat his addiction. Now he is one of five Pennsylvanians who are being honored for turning more…

Marijuana with glass in it – stay away from Grit Weed

Posted under Fentanyl, Marijuana, Morphine

The illegal drug market has never been a trusted source for safe products of course, but recent reports of some contaminated marijuana in England have had many health officials and drug users worried in recent months. Apparently, there have been reports of what is being called “grit weed”, which has tiny glass beads sprayed on more…

Can you get high off your dairy products?

Posted under GHB, Marijuana

Do you think your beef and dairy products have chemicals in them? Well recent news has surfaced about the banning of cows being fed cannabis in Switzerland and neighboring Liechtenstein. Some farmers claim the plant makes it cheap to feed the cows and that the THC (a crystalline compound that is the main active ingredient more…

What is the most commonly abused illicit drug in the United States?

Posted under Marijuana

According to the 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 3.1 million Americans reported daily use of marijuana. In 2004, about 6,000 people a day used marijuana for the first time, equaling 2.1 million Americans. Of these, 63.8% were under age 18. The 2005 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that, an more…

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