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Drug Rehab Saves Lives, but Millions Never Walk Through the Door

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Successful drug rehab saves one lucky guy’s career – do the same for someone you love This morning I read an article about the reinstatement of a pharmacist whose license had previously been revoked because of addiction to Vicodin. Reinstatement took two years, during which time he was subjected to random drug tests. He’s under more…

Drug Rehab Is More Successful in a Warm, Friendly Environment

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I recently worked with a family whose son had been using heroin. He’d tried various detox and in-patient programs with no success. The family and I talked about the possible reasons why his past attempts had failed. They were able to give me a lot of information on the history of his abuse and the more…

New Drug “Cheese” Still Rising in Use

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Currently there is a new drug being abused by many school aged kids called “cheese.” No, this is not the fattening, processed or non-processed, dairy product sold in grocery stores, restaurants etc. As we covered before, “Cheese” is actually a form of black tar heroin that is blended with crushed Tylenol PM or other similar more…

Cheese heroin – yes I said "cheese"

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The fight to keep people off drugs, especially kids, is a continual one. While there are many critics of the “drug war”, specifically the supply reduction and law enforcement side of things, the most effective way to do so has been through education and prevention programs. This also has to be an evolutionary process, as more…

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