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Will New Hallucinogen Cure Addicts?

Posted under Drug Detox, Hallucinogen

There’s a new drug that is supposed to handle drug cravings, and fast. The problem is that it’s a psychedelic that causes frightening hallucinations and hours of vomiting.

The drug is called ibogaine, a powerful hallucinogen made from the bark of a tree that grows in West Africa.

As unpleasant as the effects of the drug may be, both alcoholics and drug addicts are experiencing remarkable results. After they get through the worst of it – which is pretty bad- they’re finding that their cravings for drugs or alcohol completely disappear. more…

Addiction Help for Skyrocketing Use of Bath Salts and Synthetic Marijuana

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab, Hallucinogen, Marijuana

I hope you’ve heard about the designer drug called bath salts. A recent news article featured a doctor who’s the head of the emergency department of a New York hospital. He has recently seen several patients with hallucinogenic highs that last for days. According to the doc, the patients are so far out there they more…

Is Vomiting an Effective Addiction Help Method?

Posted under Addiction Help, Hallucinogen

You may have read the recent news stories about monks in Thailand helping people overcome drug addiction by inducing projectile vomiting. You may be tempted to try it but, before you do, there are some things you should know about vomiting, and about how drugs are stored in the body. Then you might want to more…

Get Addiction Help ASAP for New Designer Drug ‘Cloud 9’

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab, Ecstasy, Hallucinogen, Stimulants, Wyoming

There’s a new, nasty, so-called ‘designer drug’ in town. It’s known as Cloud 9, or C-9. Why it’s called Cloud 9 is beyond me – because the effects of it are anything but what we would normally think of when someone says they’re ‘on Cloud 9.’ It’s dangerous, addictive and deadly, and anyone using it more…

Could Addiction Help Have Prevented the Tucson Disaster?

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab, Hallucinogen

It is not unusual to look at killing sprees and find drugs somewhere in the background. Often, the drugs in question are ‘psychiatric’ drugs – you never know what’s going to happen when people are taking them or when they try to get off them. In the case of the horrible scene in Tucson, where more…

New Drug In Town – Ivory Wave Bath Salts. Watch Out!

Posted under Addiction Help, Hallucinogen, Stimulants

There’s a new drug in town. It’s sold as bath salts called Ivory Wave. It contains a mixture of lidocaine, the local anesthetic used in dental offices and other medical settings, and pyrovalerone, a hallucinogenic stimulant prescribed for weight loss and chronic fatigue or lethargy. Side effects of pyrovalerone include anxiety, anorexia, shaking, trembling, tremors, more…

Robo Tripping: The Facts All Parents Should Know

Posted under Addiction Help, Dextro, Hallucinogen

There’s a situation in the US that a lot of people may not be aware of. It’s called Robo tripping. Do you have any idea what that is? I surely didn’t! It’s the practice of drinking large amounts of cough syrup to get high. It’s also called Robo, Skittles, Dex and Tussin. When it’s consumed more…

Which illegal drugs are the worst to take?

Posted under Addiction Help, Hallucinogen, LSD

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple answer to that question? With so many illegal drugs on the scene, the answer to that question becomes relative to viewpoint and what kind of damage is caused, whether it is physical damage, emotional pain and suffering, damage to the family, cost involved, or a combination more…

Addiction Help in Pennsylvania – Toads Back in the News

Posted under Addiction Help, Colorado, Hallucinogen, Pennsylvania, Xanax

Pennsylvania has a small population of drug users that can use addiction help. We are not talking about prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Xanax or Vicodin. We’re not even talking about the common illegal drugs. We’re talking about toad licking. And anyone who would go to those extremes to get high needs addiction help. That’s more…

Addiction Help for Frog Venom? This Is One Frog That Won't Turn Into a Prince

Posted under Addiction Help, Colorado, Hallucinogen

A person ingesting poisons to get high is not a big surprise, using all sorts of natural or chemical based substances has been going on for decades. However, finding a frog that comes from the Colorado River, bringing it home, and using it to get high does sound unique. It also got David S. Theisss, more…

Club Drugs and the Rave Scene

Posted under Ecstasy, GHB, Hallucinogen, Ketamine, Rohypnol

Over the last several years there have been emerging problems with the abuse of club drugs and the damaging effects caused as a result. In fact, incidents of the abuse and the fatal effects of these drugs are in the news increasingly. These types of drugs include MDMA or Ecstasy, Rohypnol, and GHB. All these more…

Is the UK Ranking System for Drugs Any Good?

Posted under Drug Addiction, GHB, Hallucinogen, Legal Issues, LSD

Earlier we discussed the notion that LSD and other hallucinogens were possibly the most harmful drugs, simply for what they do to a person’s mind. Well, a new ranking system of drugs has been recommended and was recently printed in The Lancet medical journal in the UK. This new system devised harm scores for drugs, more…

What is the worst illegal drug to take?

Posted under Hallucinogen, LSD

A question often asked by many students is, “What is the worst drug?” Of course the answer is relative to viewpoint and what kind of damage is caused, whether it is physical damage, emotional pain and suffering, damage to the family, cost involved, or some kind of combination. It has been suggested that, while drugs more…